Battle of the Division Street Bridge Continues to Rage; Local “Artists” Take on New Rochelle D.P.W.

Written By: Robert Cox

On April 24 we reported on a self-initiated neighborhood beautification project at the Division Street Bridge near the New Rochelle train station:

Last Wednesday night, nearly every panel on the south side of the highway overpass on Division Street was decorated by local youths who like to wear color-coordinated clothing to express their affinity as part of a later night volunteer effort to beautify local construction projects. By the end of the day clean up crews and inexplicably removed the “art”

Over the weekend the “artists returned”. Some of the art from last April remains on an electrical box on the bridge and on the side of parking garage at Avalon. Most likely the City of New Rochelle cannot remove artwork painted onto Con Ed equipment or a privately-owned garage so those may remain a while.

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest art show while you can: