5 thoughts on “A great day in SoNo NewRo”

  1. who is she?
    jim k who is this blond woman walking up and down main st. for the past 45 yrs. maybe you should put her on your talk show . she must have a lot of info.

  2. jim wre are you?
    avalon 1 people are throwing things out the window. just ask the owner .

    1. plenty of donations, we are
      plenty of donations, we are looking for a donated warehouse space or school. that we could accomodate all the donations…
      we appreciate everyones support…as well as their patience. We were moved out the armory building, which now is not being utilized, and could have contiued to generate some rent which we paid and sales tax…if anyone has info on warehouse space or donated space please contact me, Jim at 914 403 4821
      God bless,

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