Iona College Announces Approval by City Planning Board to Build New Residence Hall

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New Rochelle, NY (March 1, 2012) – Iona College was granted approval by the New Rochelle Planning Board on Tuesday, February 28, 2012, to move forward with plans to build Walsh Residence Hall on existing campus property.

The reconstruction of Walsh Hall, located in the center of campus, will be funded by Iona College and will include three stories of residential housing that will accommodate 115 students and is part of the College’s mid-term plan to meet occupancy needs. The Walsh building will be razed and foundation work will begin sometime in May, with completion scheduled in the 2012 fall semester.

“This favorable outcome is a reflection of the benefits of active community planning and improving relationships with the city and community,” said Dr. Joseph E. Nyre, president of Iona College. “I thank Mayor Bramson and members of the planning group who recently submitted an interim report to the City of New Rochelle and Iona College.”

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  1. A step in the right direction!
    This new proposal is a step in the right direction. It does show the start of active community planning. The changing of the guard seems to bring a change in philosophy. We welcome the new president of Iona College, Dr. Joseph E. Nyre and his fresh leadership and ideas. He has already shown he is working towards improving relationships with the city and community. He has brought his family here and now they are also a part of the community. This dorm does not complete the task at hand. There are sure to be more battles down the road as more options are looked at for student housing. There is still a long way to go with many unanswered questions. It is a start, a new beginning. For once there will be a Master Plan made for the Iona College Campus which includes open dialogue and communication with the community. This has not happened in the past. The trend seems to be towards housing some more of the students on the main campus. This makes sense for the students, safety, security and the community. Thank You to the members of The City/Iona Planning Committee. They have put in some hard work and debate with more to come. See you St. Patrick’s Day and at the NCAA Final Four!

    Go Gael’s!

    1. Why doesn’t the city give (&
      Why doesn’t the city give (& I mean give as in FREE) Iona the Hartley Houses to do whatever they want with them?

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