Adding an Image to a Blog Post

The information below starts from the premise that you have a basic understanding of how to display an image on the web using HTML. If you are not already familar with the basis you can learn more by doing a Google search for “HTML Code Images” or similar. Here is
one such article
that we found that covers the basics.

Two primary ways to get an image into your post:

1. If you are using desktop blog editing software (recommended) like Marsedit (Mac) or Microsoft Live Writer (Windows) the software should have a button you can click to add/publish an image. Each software program is different and we cannot be a tech support line so first read the Help file for your software. If, however, you are still stick, we will do our best to assist. This is the simplest way, you simply click the button in the software to add an image, select the image on your computer and add the photo.

2. If you are using a photo sharing site like Picasa, Flickr, or Photobucket, you should be able to click an “embed” button on their site and copy/paste HTML code into your post to display the image. This is not the preferred method because if the site where you have uploaded your image is experiencing any delays or problems the image will not display in your story. Also, it will take longer for the photo to load.

IMPORTANT!!! A note on Image Size and Spacing

The full width of a Talk of the Sound news column is 455 pixels. We typically use photos displayed in 4 x 6 “postcard” dimensions and display them as full images or “thumbnail” images. Full images are 455 pixels wide. Thumbnail images are 225 pixels wide and set to align to the right. We will also place some vertical and horizontal spacing around the image so that the text of the article will not smush up against the image. We had 10 pixels on each side using HTML code [vspace=”10″ hspace=”10″ ]. If you do not pay attention to this your photo will not display correctly and may even make the entire site look a bit cock-eyed so please make sure to set the proper width.

A note on Number of Images in a Post.

The more images and the bigger the images in a post the longer the post takes to load and so the less people will read the story so try not to go overboard with the images in a post. One is usually sufficient in most cases.

If the image is being used to illustration something about the story (e.g a story of a person receiving an award where the photo is of the person being handed the aware) then we usually run one photo and the very top of the story with the copy below.

In many cases, the photo is more of a symbol for the story, perhaps even a graphic, or just a headshot of a person. In cases like that we generally display the image as a thumbnail (225 pixels).

If the story is all about images, you are welcome to display many images, all at 455 pixels, so they will appear as a photo album. You can do that but unless the photos are significant in some way, this is not something likely to be promoted to the “front page” of the site.