$ 4.35 billion given to Race to Top winners for school reform

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An economic stimulus plan was given by Obama explaining that schools in America will get $ 4.35 billion to improve. His education initiative, entitled “Race to the Top,” rewards schools with the most ambitious plans to “improve schools and close the achievement gap,” writes MSNBC. Nine new “Race to the Top” winners are announced to share this round’s $ 3.4 billion grant, according to the U.S. Department of Education: The amounts going to Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island and Washington D.C. can be announced later on. New student assessment means can be created and a $ 350 million award will go to that. Source for this article – Race to the Top winners get $4.35 billion for school reform

Others besides ‘Race to the Top’ winners changing

The grant competition “Race to the Top” has inspired numerous states that need the money to raise the education bar. States have tried winning “Race to the Top” by making more accountability directives for teachers and no caps on funding for charter schools. Round 2 of this was applied for by 35 states and also the District of Columbia. Of course, there were in July 19 finalists that were selected. Right now, there have been 46 states and the District of Columbia that have participated in “Race to the Top”.

Stay away from state education leaders and unions

“Race to the Top” hasn’t met with universal approval. MSNBC explains that teacher evaluations having a connection to standardized test performance wasn’t something teachers unions wanted when state education officials didn’t want school districts giving the federal government control with “Race to the Top”.

Changes for America

There is a positive overall outlook so far. A statement was given by Democrats for Education Reform. This showed most of what the public opinion is on the “Race to the Top” program going on. The statement addresses numerous civil rights and child advocacy groups and local business. The statement said the move was a fantastic and bold one that should are done. The statement expressed the desire to have teachers unions work better with these groups to get a result desired by everybody in American schools.

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