Father Gary Meade

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In 2007, Father Gary Meade, a parish priest in St. Gregory’s in Garnerville NY was arrested at the rest area in interstate 684 in Bedford,he was caught along with 19 other males in a sting by the NY state police in an attempt to stop gay sex from being so prevalent at this rest area .At the time it was front page news in 2007.

Does anyone know the outcome of his arrest. He has just recently been assigned to another parish in this Archdiocese(Holy Trinity in Manhattan).While I am all for second chances I would like to know if the archdiocese has even acknowledged his arrest (which it did not mention in his announcement in the 1/28/10/ edition of the Catholic Ney Yorker) and notified his new parish of his past transgressions.

Perhaps he was aqcuitted of the crimes he was charged with,does anyone know.?

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  1. father gary meade
    I also wanted to knnow what happened in this case? was there a plea deal? I remember he got an attorney right away. I hope he is no longer a priest

    1. Father Meade
      Not only an active priest in manhattan but on the fast track to becoming a cardinal. Has the necessary résumé to be promoted and a rising star in my archdiocese

    2. Father Meade
      Legally, Meade dodged any criminal conviction so regrettably he is a priest in good standing in manhattan. Can’t make this up

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