New Rochelle Train Station Bathrooms a Disgrace

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The condition of the trains station bathrooms is a disgrace. Is it possible that the mayor and council don’t know? Yes it is. They don’t seem to know much of anything. It’s the gateway to the city yet it is filthy, smelly, unsanitary and unusable. Would it be asking to much for the city to have some of its employees fix the bathrooms? Put in new tile, new toilets, sinks etc? Could we have someone keep the trains station clean? keep the bathrooms clean, mop, disinfect, paint, power wash? We need to get rid of Bramson, Sussman, trangucci and whoever the council replaces Stowe with or the rest of the city will resemble the bathrooms at the train station.

2 thoughts on “New Rochelle Train Station Bathrooms a Disgrace”

  1. Train Station bathrooms
    The irony in regards to the train station bathrooms is that just a few months ago a ceremony was held to declare the NR Train Station as a historic landmark.

    The city of New Rochelle owns the station and I propose a real solution to the bathroom problem. Next time a lease comes up for renewal (especially the coffee shop/convenience stand) I would enter in to the lease renewal a provision stating that they (the renter) would have to be responsible for the clean up/simple maintenance of the lavatories. The City of NR would cover the cost of fixtures etc.

    Write this into the lease. This idea has received a luke warm response from a council member saying he does not think anybody would go for it. I hear the point but maybe, just once the City of New Rochelle dictates terms instead of being dictated too.

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