New York State University System Hires Convicted Felon Vito Costa Weeks after Pleading Guilty to Theft in New Rochelle

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vitocosta-before-after.jpgSince being terminated and pleading guilty to several charges in the New Rochelle school district in April, Costa has made his way back into the State education system at the SUNY College of Optometry in NYC where he has been hired as the new Associate Director of Maintenance.

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Costa plead guilty as charged to Grand Larceny (a felony) and Falsifying Billing Records (a misdemeanor). Costa was arrested after investigators working for the District Attorney observed Costa routinely off school grounds engaged in activity unrelated to his job over a period of a month.

His new supervisor, Frank Orehek, the Chief of Police, hired him knowing that he had “some type” of previous criminal “history”.

SUNY Optometry.jpgMr Costa’s resume displayed no management experience but he was hired for the position anyway. We are sure that Costa is a very good HVAC mechanic since he was absent from his position during most of his employment and working at his own business, but does any of that entitle him to a “director’s position” within the College?

Maybe it’s time to put old Frank out to pasture and give him the golden parachute.

It’s a wonder the State has financial issues when they are making these idiotic decisions!

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  1. Vito Costa / Frank Orehek SUNY
    We did some further investigating and we found that this was not the first time that the SUNY Chief of Police has been in the mix of criminal activity. Google it for yourself, “Regina Carter SUNY” and you can read the story.

    The Chief’s former assistant charged over $10,000 of electronic equipment and goods on the SUNY credit card that had nothing to do with work. It seems that the Chief has a reputation and considers everyone a criminal and trusts no one, but he trusted her a little too much.

    He must have been focused on other issues while his “gal friday” was stealing right under his nose. Was he checking the transactions, or was he involved?

    The story unfolded that a low level purchasing assistant took the fall for not catching the problem on the monthy statements, something every manager is typically responsible for.

    Up until now the Chief seems to be immune to any wrong doing as he has evidently has “friends” in high places.

    The SUNY boys club….that story is next.

  2. Letter to Dr. David Heath, President SUNY College of Optometry
    Unbelievable! Shocking! An absolute disgrace. This guy belongs in prison (along with this supervisors in the New Rochelle school system) and he gets what is, in effect, a promotion? This is just sick-making.

    I have sent the following letter to the President of the college.

    State University Hires Convicted Felon Vito Costa Weeks after Pleading Guilty to Grand Larceny, Falsifying Billing Records

    Robert Cox to dheath, dschading

    Dr. Heath,

    Less than three months ago, Vito Costa plead guilty to felony Grand Larceny about a year after the Westchester DA arrested Mr. Costa for charges related to his working a no-show job in the City School School District of New Rochelle in New Rochelle, NY.

    It has now been reported by a contributor to Talk of the Sound, a citizen media site in New Rochelle, that Mr. Costa has been hired as the Associate Director of Maintenance, a management position, at the SUNY College of Optometry in Ma snhattan.

    State University Hires Convicted Felon Vito Costa Weeks after Pleading Guilty to Theft

    To say that many New Rochelle residents will be shocked to learn that Mr. Costa back working with the education system in New York State would be an understatement. I expected that your students, faculty and alumni may also be taken aback.

    Is it the policy of the State University of New York system, and your college in particular, to hire convicted felons. Especially when the individual admitted as part of a plea agreement to stealing from a New York State public school system and is currently serving out their sentence?

    Thank you.

    Robert Cox
    Managing Editor
    New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound

    1. Heath Is Aware
      Dr Heath is well aware that there is an issue that needs his attention however he chooses to ignore the situation rather than go against the Boys Club. Maybe this note that you sent directly to him will force him to address the issue that has bee looming a few floors away.

      If you contacted the Chancellor who is also within the College as well, I’m sure the situation would be taken care of she is very all business.

  3. Direct and Rule by Fear SUNY CHIEF
    We tried to talk to a few employees to get the story, but everyone that works for this guy seems to be afraid for their jobs, and will not make a complaint against him for fear of retaliation.

    He has had seven or eight people in the same position as Costa took on, now looking for the next candidate soon. It was stated that as soon as a new candidate is announced that the others start a “pool” with bets on how long the person can last. Is everyone “blind” when it comes to hiring and employee turnover? There must be something wrong here!

    One story we heard is that the Chief assaulted one past employee in this position and lied to the NYC police who were called to take a report by the victim. Instead everything was denied and the Chief had others swear to it.

    The NYC police had no choice but to file the report, but the charges were squashed, because no one wanted to be involved.

  4. Vito was a pawn in the scheme at SUNY
    Mr Costa was caught in the mix of an ongoing saga of reign of terror at the College from the Boys Club led by the present Chief of Police.

    Costa was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time again. With the sights pointed at the Chief of Police from everyone he made enemies with over the years, they were just waiting for the chance to pounce and Vito happened to be the “victim” in this case.

    Yes Costa has had his share of issues but the Chief has gone untouched in his career protected by his Vice President of Finance friend, as well as the Director of Human Resources, some say they are roommates.

    Maybe this time Dr Heath will finally step up pull his head out of the sand and put his foot down and take on the Boys on 9. Good houskeeping and a “clean sweep” is past due at the College of these cronies operating with immunity.

    The word is that they operate a huge slush fund of capital dollars saved from not making the necessary repairs to the building.

    They have a small network of high level directors all in the right places to cover their tracks and have been virtually untouchable until now.

  5. The new assistant to the Chief
    After going through tense times the last few years, hasty decisions have been made with regard to personnel. The College typically puts together interview panels to meet with the candidates yet they still cannot retain good talent. Maybe the people sitting in on the interview process are the problem.

    The Chief’s past assistant went out of the building in handcuffs, and the most recent Associate Director left without a trace after a post on this site.
    A new hire, as assistant mechanic showed up on his first day on the job and also ran for the hills never to be seen or heard from again.

    What is going on here, that causes these cadidates to leave on their own accord, or end up going from the State Education system, to the State prison system?

    The newest assistant to the Chief who ironically also lives in Westchester has been known to spread many of the stories around the campus.

    It’s no wonder they end up posted on the Blogs’