Time to revisit the Library- and move it!

Written By: Tom Jeferstahl

I remember as a school child, any report or research paper required a trip to the library or if lucky enough you knew someone with an encyclopedia britannica. The Library was a depository for books, music, old newpapers on microfilm etc. Then along came the internet. The internet is a million libraries at your fingertips. So the question is : WHY DID WE LET THE LIBRARY TURN INTO A DAYCAMP?
An enlightened society surely doesn’t want to tear down a library but an enlightened society wouldn’t spend millions of dollars a year so insiders can justify their paychecks by turning the building into a hangout for pedophiles, free internet access and creating programs they try to justify their existence with.
Heating, air conditions, lights, maintenance. water payrolls, insurance, for what? There is so much empty space at the old city hall building (already heated and cooled) that the city could easily run a scaled down version of the library offering books, music and free internet, exactly what a library is supposed to be. Then the city could turn the library into a shopping site, collect rent and increase sales tax revenue while cutting the library costs by 75%