Who owns Columbia Island LLC and how did they get their taxes reduced ?

Written By: Tom Jeferstahl

and why aren’t they paying fair market value tax rate? And how were repairs done to the building and Seawall without permits?

The Island off David’s Island was purchased in 2005 for 1.3 million, however, it is only being taxed at a rate of $187,000. Which is lower than last I looked 2 months ago, so they must have been approved for a tax reduction.

Work has been performed on the structure for 3 years. Sometimes up to 10 workers a day were on the site. a comparison of photos from 5 years ago and today show many improvements. So how is it that a property bought for 1.3 million and improved upon would get such a great tax break? Who is Columbia Island LLC? And why is the owner/owners hiding behind this corporation? Does anyone know who the real owners of this property are?