Who Won The First Presidential Debate of 2012?

Written By: Robert Cox

Last night President Obama and GOP Challenger Gov. Mitt Romney squared off in Denver, CO for the first of three presidential debates that many believe will determine the outcome of the election.

How do you think the two candidates fared last night?

6 thoughts on “Who Won The First Presidential Debate of 2012?”

  1. Who Won the Debates ?!?
    It is Barack Obama who won the electoral and popular vote, based on his track record, personality, stated beliefs and the debates.

    It is the American Voter who won ALL the debates, and who have benefited from the results of the 2012 elections.

    Hooray for democracy !!!

  2. mitt romney!!
    Let hope that he wins!! our country is in real trouble. the economy is bad now just wait, if Obama wins we will never be able to bounce back.

    1. Got your binder full of women ready?
      Yeah, exactly.

      Seriously, Bob? Getting people going off on the Mitty Merry Go Round, when New Rochelle is going down the toilet even further than it already is?

      How is that going to help New Rochelle?

      1. New Rochelle can wait
        I Love New Rochelle and it’s a mess, but maybe Mitt winning will be a start for people to wake up and clean up city hall.

      2. You SERIOUSLY believe that?
        Wow, no wonder New Rochelle is a sewer.

        Sure it can wait, it’s been waiting decades. And oh yeah, Mitty winning will have an absolute effect on City Hall.