One thought on “Do You Support the Recommendations of the New Rochelle-Iona Joint Committee? on Student Housing?”

  1. This is a continued example
    This is a continued example of how this mayor and his band of rubber-stamp democrats are destroying the quality of life for long-time residents of downtown New Rochelle. Bramson wants to flood the North Avenue corridor with tons of residential development and he wants to do same for Main Street. Along with it comes the increase in noise, traffic, crime, the need for more parking, police and fire protection, and upgrades to the City’s sewer and water lines. None of which this City seems to able to afford.

    For the long-time residents of these areas who moved to New Rochelle for it’s surburban qualities, that is being taken away by an uncaring, overzealous mayor. It is a classic example of NIMBY. Screw the residents these areas who have to endure the burden of higher taxes and a dimished standard of living, and cater to big developers who gain substantial profits. I would hope that the people of New Rochelle, particularly those in the east, south and west, wake up and realize that the are being screwed for the good of the mayor and HIS future.