5 thoughts on “Gov. Cuomo wants to cut the penalty for marijuana possession from criminal misdemeanor to a violation with a fine up to $100.”

  1. Most Want to Decriminalize Marijuana
    With 129 votes cast, 78% of Talk of the Sound readers want to see possession of small amounts or marijuana decriminalized. Just 13% saw the Governor’s actions as the “coming of the apocalypse” and 9% said “Feh”.

    1. Cuomo and Pot
      To quote the late and great Peter Tosh

      Legalize it – don’t criticize it!!

      1. I love that song!
        I love that song!

        And to think it was written 40 or so years ago. I guess ol’ Peter was onto something!

    2. No
      That’s excessive. It’d be like making parking meter violations $100.00 minimum. Above you all, the fine is a money making penalty, $100.00 is appropriate. Anything more is just greed aimed at anyone but yourself. Totally unnecessary.