4 thoughts on “Should Noam Run for Suzi Oppenheimer’s Seat?”

  1. There’s no point in promoting Noam out of our lives.

    There's no point in promoting Noam out of our lives.   We did that w/Idoni and now we're stuck w/Noam.  If we did promote Noam to the NYS Senate, we might get stuck w/Barry Fertel as our mayor for the next 10-12 years and that's not a win for anyone. 

    I would like to see Bob Cohen beat Noam back to Harvard though.  As for Latimer & Paulin, neither has done anything to help NR over the years and both are proponents of more spending and higher taxes.  We need a senator who'll fight back against any & all tax increases and that isn't the philosophy of either George or Amy. 

    1. Here’s another scenario

      That would be a very interesting scenario., If Noam's fantasy comes true and he were to replace Suzi you believe Fertel would be anointed. I believe a TOTS blogger stated Rice undercut Noam at the convention for the special election bypassing Noam's hand picked candidate. I believe if Moan, I mean Noam, were elected senator Jared would demand to become New Rochelle's first African American Mayor and Barry won't have the balls to challenge Jared. Barry would fold like a wet noodle. Barry couldn't deal with a challenge from Spertus without Noam and the North End underground, Leghorn, Tarnapol and company pulling out all the dirty tricks. How could they possibly oppose the first Democratic African American  Mayoral candidate?

  2. Should Noam Run for Suzi’s Seat

    No, no, no.  That whole thought scares the hell out of me. It took three hundred years for, We Raised Your Taxes Because We Needed More Money, Suzi to consider retiring.  How many more years would it take to get Noam to retire from that position?  The people in this senate district are too ignorant to vote for anyone with an unfamiliar name.

  3. I wish he would just run away

    I wish he would just run away vrom NR and not look back.  16 years of the same ideas with no meaningful results is enough already. Let someone else have a crack at it.