19 thoughts on “Would You Support Bramson Run for County Exec?”

  1. Bramson is a speech writer
    That’s all he’s ever gonna be. Some people can handle the stress and some can’t. The issues revolving around this guy stem from his willingness to be pushed around by people within his own party. For someone so smart it shoulda happened already. More importantly he fits the mold and personality type of a sociopath. Usually, these types of people are involved in criminal activities with other like themselves.

  2. Newsday knows zip re: Westchester politics
    Is this what Newsday shlepped itself all the way from suburban Long Island for? To misrepresent Westchester County politics? You can accuse the incumbent New Rochelle part-time-with-a-full-time-executive-assistant chief executive of many things; but “selectivity” in seeking development or crowding the New Rochelle skyline (Skyline? who knew New Rochelle ever had one to expand, or ever needed one to begin with?) is not accurate or fair. He has been brazen, uncaring and undiscerning in his seeking out of a memorial, edifice or nearly anything at all to commemorate his ceaseless tenure in the formerly resplendent Queen City of the Sound. He has stuffed as many rental properties as possible into the infrastructurally-deficient, operationally-underserved central commercial core of the city. He has starved the coffers of the city treasury of what might have been the rejuvenating and remuneratively rewarding effect of proper residential private ownership and commensurate real property tax receipts. Instead, we are plagued with an influx of underpaying rental occupants and freeloading college students; burdening precious public fire, police, EMS, hospital and educational resources with almost no contribution to their financial upkeep (apart from the small component of monthly rents/student housing charges attributable to tax expenses of the developer/parcel owner). And the much-touted pipeline of satisfied apartment dwellers ready to plunk down deposits on the incredibly growing inventory of private homes available throughout the city? Didn’t happen. Do you know any Avalon-dwellers who were so enchanted with New Rochelle suburban-city living downtown that they moved into a private residence? I can’t think of even one.

  3. Bob Cox for MAYOR!!
    Time for the big cox to throw his name into the mix.. Stir the pot and rile up this town. Air the dirty laundry and let’s get rid a these frauds who think they’re in control.

  4. Free shot for Bramson
    Bramson filed for County Executive with the NYS Board of Elections, his Filer ID is C88206 and can be viewed here.


    Please support any effort to remove Bramson from city government. While he can’t run on his record, he will probably be elected because Westchester has an overwhelming democratic registration. This is also a free shot for Bramson, should he lose he remains mayor.

  5. You’ve got to be joking?
    From the “Newsday” article describing Bramson’s mayoralty:

    “…..with a reputation built on selectively growing New Rochelle’s downtown business district.”

    What a reputation!

    If I were Bramson, I’d sue the paper for libel.

    1. I guess Newsday didn’t walk downtown…
      or they would have seen it for the sewer it is.

      What? No one giving me props for calling this? Idoni I giving Idoni II his prize for fooling all of the people all of the time?

      Careful, good citizens of New Rochelle. If you do nothing, Idoni II will make sure Idoni III is appointed and elected, and you will have more of the same for three more terms.

      Your city, your sewer.

      1. Really? I love it…
        so it’s a shoo-in.*

        I thought Idoni II was going to sit at the right hand of Idoni I, I never dreamed that Idoni II was going to take over!

        What prize does Idoni I get, Vice President of the U.S.?

        Hilarious.Thanks once again, Bob, for the truth.

        I pity the good citizens of New Rochelle if they do NOT vote against whomever Idoni II advocates. It’s their funeral, and the continued decline of New Rochelle and the sewer that is downtown, if they do not.

        *BTW, I had typed ‘shoe-in’ and decided to look it up. This is the definition of ‘shoo-in’ and explains my change:

        “a shoe in” means you have one foot in the door…he’s a shoe in for the job…meaning he has a good chance of the getting the job.
        “shoo in” is a racetrack term applied to a horse that is expected to win a race, because the race is fixed.

      2. What Does It Tell Me As To Who Is Running for County Executive?
        Those filings tells me nothing as to who is running for County Executive.

        There are two likely possibilities as to which Democrat will receive the nomination to run for County Executive in the next election.

        The most likely candidate will be Tim Idoni. As twice-elected County Clerk, Tim is known well throughout Westchester, and has proven his ability to be elected. Furthermore, Tim has much executive experience, and is widely recognized as a superior County Clerk.

        The second most likely candidate would be Ken Jenkins of Yonkers, who is less well known throughout Westchester, but is well known in Westchester’s largest city, Yonkers.

        Noam is not as well known outside of New Rochelle.

        Furthemore, if Tim doesn’t run for County Executive, he would likely run for reelection as County Clerk. But it is unlikely that two New Rochelleans would run for County Clerk and County Executive in the same year, as that concentration of New Rochelle candidates would outrage Democratic pols throughout Westchester.

        Noam should have run for Assembly in 2012, and would have been elected, but opted to stand down, giving Steve Otis the opportunity. Noam would have had to move to run for that Assembly seat.

        If Nita Lowey had not run for reelection, Noam should have run for Congress in 2012, but he would have had to move outside of New Rochelle to do so, and this would have required his resignation as Mayor. As Nita did run for reelection, Noam couldn’t make that choice. I suspect that Noam will run for Nita’s seat in 2014, which raises the question, which Democrat would become Mayor in 2015?

        I have never talked to Noam about his plans, but it is obvious which choices would most likely result in success. Of course, if Noam does get the Democratic nomination for County Executive, he would probably be elected.

        I am certain that whoever the Democratic candidate for County Executive is, Astorino will not be reelected. After all, the once-proud Republican Party has become increasing unpopular in Westchester (and New Rochelle), because of the stain and odor that emits from Washington. The supposed fiscal cliff thing is really a political cliff that Washington’s Republican lemmings are rushing to jump off, damaging their party throughout the USA.

        The 2012 Republican Presidential primaries, and the general election, has so damaged the Republican Party in Westchester (and New Rochelle) as to almost make it impossible for Republicans to elect candidates for County Executive or Clerk, or New Rochelle Mayor.

      3. Must Noam Move to Run in Lowey District?
        Brian wrote “If Nita Lowey had not run for reelection, Noam should have run for Congress in 2012, but he would have had to move outside of New Rochelle to do so, and this would have required his resignation as Mayor.”

        What do you make of this: http://anse.rs/UDopoB

        A member of the U.S. House of Representatives is constitutionally required to only live in the state which they represent.

        However, there is a strongly followed unwritten convention that House members maintain a residence in the district they represent and it is highly uncommon for a member not to do so.

      4. Dems Have The Numbers

        I know you like to attribute a great deal to the GOP “brand” in our area being damaged by Republicans on Capitol Hill but I think you have it backwards.

        Astorino runs the county and our 2 county reps are Republicans and somehow the MINORITY LEADER (our own Jim Maisano) managed to pass a Republican budget over the objection of Dems

        With the massive registration advantage Dems enjoy in our area — — in New Rochelle, Westchester County, etc.– they should win all the time, right?

        But they don’t.

      1. Mayor Jared Rice
        You got it wrong. Jared Rice is going to be appointed mayor IF Bramson succeeds in ousting Astorino.

  6. Favorite Part…
    My favorite part of the Newsday article is this line:

    While he’s enjoyed praise from regional media — his website features favorable snippets from The New York Times and other publications — Bramson’s style and demeanor during public meetings have earned him criticism from local publications and bloggers.

    The only local publication I can think of that has criticized Bramson has been Talk of the Sound; the only bloggers who have criticized his “style and demeanor during public meetings” have been TOTS contributors.


    1. Nooooo! It’s not you. I
      Nooooo! It’s not you. I can’t think of anything you ever said that was bad about Bramson. Must be a typo.