Talk of the Sound Newsletter: Vol. 1, #1 August 19, 2011

Written By: Robert Cox

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Robert Cox

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Op-Ed of the Week

  • Wanted: Upscale Supermarket for Downtown New Rochelle
  • by Kevin Barrett

    Photo Funnies

  • Good Morning Westchester!
  • by Matthew Pryce

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    One thought on “Talk of the Sound Newsletter: Vol. 1, #1 August 19, 2011”

    1. street excavations
      Why can’t someone in city government in New Rochelle have the foresight to inquire from some of the big companies that dig up the streets whether they plan to excavate a road? It doesn’t make sense for the city to pave a road and then Con Ed or the telephone company comes along shortly thereafter and digs it up.

      All you have to do is make the inquiry and ask if they are planning to dig up a particular roadway in the near future so that the city does not pave until this work is done.

      Poor planning results in new pavement being torn up and then paved over AGAIN!

      Wasted money. Taxpayers foot the bill for no logical reason.