Talk of the Sound Newsletter: Vol. 1, #2 August 26, 2011

Written By: Robert Cox

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This week on Talk of the Sound Radio we are going to get into corruption with the Board of Education and the Civil Service, talk about the latest developments in the New Rochelle Public Library financial issues and the string of natural disasters haunting New Rochelle. You can listen live on Talk of the Sound at 11 AM Friday or via podcast anytime after the show airs.

We have been using the last two weeks of August to get some Housekeeping done on Talk of the Sound. We have improved the Recent Comments section, launched the Talk of the Sound Newsletter, launched our new radio show on Blog Talk Radio, created a New Rochelle Wiki, fixed the User Profile Photos so you can your photo or an image or avatar to your comments and fixed the ShareThis button so you can share links from Talk of the Sound on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and many other social media sharing services.

For fun, I want to recommend to readers Bridget’s Blog: New Rochelle Before and After. Bridget has gathered an incredible collection of postcards from old New Rochelle and presented them, along with a present day photo of the same location. A real treat. See if you can find your neighborhood!

On a more serious note, please be careful this weekend with Hurricane Irene. We want your photos but we want our readers safe first so, if you can, please take photos before, during and after the storm and send them to

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  • How Open Is the Open Meeting Law
  • by Warren Gross

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