Talk of the Sound Newsletter: Volume 1, Edition # 3, September 2, 2011

Written By: Robert Cox

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This past week has been all about Hurricane Irene but plenty of other major news broke this week including the Westchester County District Attorney investigating allegations that four New Rochelle Board of Education employees had have sex with students, the Provost of Iona College being suspended over “inaccurate data”, and wild parrots roaming New Rochelle. Get the full run down of the top stories impacting your world from Talk of the Sound.

Talk of the Sound Radio will be live at 11 AM to take your calls at (805) 830-8302 or you can listen via the podcast/archive immediately after the show. Your calls make the show so please call and call early! This week we will have as a special guest Jon Sorenson of the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation to talk about New Rochelle water being the best in New York State.

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Op-Ed of the Week

  • Cuomo Tax Cap is A Simple Question that Should Decide the New Rochelle Election
  • by Fifth Avenue Guy

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