Talk of the Sound Newsletter: Volume 1, Edition #4, September 9, 2011

Written By: Robert Cox

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This weekend is the 10th Anniversary attacks on 9/11. On Talk of the Sound Radio tomorrow we will take a look back and look forward. I usually try to keep to myself on 9/11 because it is a very emotional day and I usually end up wanting to punch someone. At least this year we can celebrate the double-tap performed on Osama bin Ladin by our Seal Team Six. Not sure we can avoid the weather, floods and power outages. The Iona College framework is out so we can talk about that too. And there is always Notre Dame football and what was a tough week for the Irish after a terrible performance against South Florida. Up next, Michigan.

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    2 thoughts on “Talk of the Sound Newsletter: Volume 1, Edition #4, September 9, 2011”

    1. AND??????????
      What happened to Tony Neuman at the Board of Ed. Any one else would have been prosecuted and labeled a sex offender. Is this being swept under the rug again? This town sucks. The officials do what they want, when they want. They should all be thrown out. Totally DISGUSTED with this town.

      Ricky Dibuono if you think you are fooling any body by changing your name from NR Res to New Ro 10804 you are sadly mistaken.

      1. To HYCOI-Another one who can’t read.
        Dearest Hycoi-

        You, like Rickyrat should learn how to read.

        First of all, I am not Ricky DiBuono.

        Second, in my prior posts, I signed them NewRo10804 formerly NR Res

        I am not trying to fool anyone. But obviously I am if all you morons think this is Ricky. Therefore you are sadly mistaken.