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You get a lot for 25 bucks!

@TOTSClassifieds advertisements will appear on this page for one month. In addition, each new ad will be tweeted one time out to our thousands of (real) followers on our main @TalkoftheSound account and remain on the @TOTSClassifieds account permanently. We regularly promote the TOTS Classified section of this site via @TalkoftheSound as well as Facebook and other social media. There is a link to the TOTS Classifieds section of Talk of the Sound on the home page.

Purchasing a @TOTSClassifieds ad is a simple two step process: write the ad, pay the fee. Email any questions to

1. Click this link to send us an email with your @TOTSClassifieds ad. You can compose it below. Note there is a 140 character limit on Twitter and thus on @TOTSClassifieds ads so use the form below to compose your ad and be sure to count the characters; ads over 140 characters will be truncated by the system. Once you have written the ad, copy and paste into an email to TOTS Classifieds.

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2. Click the PayPal button to pay the $25 fee,