NRHS Social Worker Asks: “How Can This Be Happening?”

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A Social Worker from New Rochelle High School writes:

"I work at the high school as a social worker. The learning communities that have been implemented remind me of the indian reservations created many years ago. Once a student is placed in one of these, it is almost impossible to leave, particularly for ESL students. They are often classed by race and ethnicity and let’s not get into the composition of the honor’s or AP classes. It’s almost exclusively north end white kids whose parents have advocated for them. I brought this up to two of the school board members about a year ago and I don’t know if it was ever brought up in a meeting. Encouraging parent involvement and providing a level playing field for all students would be a good step in the right direction. The Board of Ed needs to be in tune with what is happening in our communities, both north and south end. Some have no children in schools and have no clue what is going on in our schools. As a HS social worker, we are often asked to fix that which should been anticipated by the Board or the Administration. There is tremendous injustice in our high school; teachers and staff are afraid to speak out because the Assistant Sup does not allow it as per the HS administration. So we continue to provide a positive school picture using smoke and mirrors while the ship is slowly sinking."

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  1. To all concerned and in
    To all concerned and in response to comment posted on August 7, 7:32AM:
    If you’re going to bicker about taxes, perhaps you should analyze what EVERYONE in New Rochelle pays for taxes. I am informed that citizens along Davenport Rd. pay up to 30,000 and more in taxes. If you analyze and compare by square footage what all New Rochelleans pay in taxes- it amounts to the same argument- We all pay alot for what we got! If I get the gist of the previous comment, then “south enders” are not entitled to make demands based on taxes? You’re treading on dangerous grounds. It behooves you to see that we’re all on the same side of the fence. Also, it would benefit all to refrain from making this a south vs. north issue-All parents have much to gain by making demands on an educational system serving their children. ALL. No matter what languages they speak.

  2. I believe this person is
    I believe this person is AGREEING that there are inequities within the District but that they see it as a good thing.

    Their argument appears to be “I pay more in taxes so I am entitled to more from the school where I send my kids.” You might want to rethink that since there are many people in this town who either do not have children at all, do not have school age children or reasons including religious reasons do not send their children to public school in New Rochelle. There are also people who get abatements and other special tax treatment.

    If you want to use the argument that there should be a correlation between how much I pay in taxes to how much I get form the public school system be prepared to have that argument flipped on you- that those who do not utilize the public school system should not have to pay taxes to support it.

  3. Encouraging parents should
    Encouraging parents should not be the school’s district job, it is the parents, period. North -End parents do advocate for their children and they have every right, especially for the amount of school taxes they are paying. Furthermore, there childern that are bused into the North End schools and experience the same amount of education, attention and resources, so there is no total divide. Mrs. Sanchez should buy a $700k house and pay $16K in taxes in the North End and we will see what side of the fence she would be on then………..

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