Our Reply to Mayor Bramson’s Fiction that Ward Acres Was “under-utilized”

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The Journal News published our letter responding to Mayor Bramson’s recent comments on Ward Acres.

What in the world could Mayor Noam Bramson have meant by describing Ward Acres recently as “under-utilized” before his bitterly divisive interventions there? Ward Acres used to be busy all day long in every kind of weather as hundreds of families enjoyed the woods with their pets.

Since the imposition of Bramson’s fees and restrictions, the park sits empty most of the time. Perhaps Mayor Bramson meant that Ward Acres had been “under-utilized” by people without dogs – but now, more than a year since the restrictions on off-leash dogs, usage of the park by non-dog-walking visitors remains negligible.

It appears what Mayor Noam Bramson meant is that anyone who disagrees with his personal agenda simply ceases to exist. Citizens of New Rochelle, be warned.

Kathy Wiegand
New Rochelle

Letter appeared in The Journal News June 17, 2008

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