Reader Mail: Focus on PTA, Hire Tutors

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A reader going under “KickoffTD” argues that parents should focus their efforts on the PTA and supporting their child at home.

“An effective way to change your school is to be an active member of PTA. It is a place to let the administration know you are a concerned parent. The reason north end schools appear to benefit from the district more than south end schools, is those parents are active participates with the district to create change. You set up a blog to complain. Some parents need to learn how to participate and avocat for positive change. Everyone working together is a better way to get the finest education for your child. As a teacher of second language students I use the resources of the district as well as spent a significant amount of my own money to instruct my students. I gladly do this as a tax payer from New Rochelle and a parent of 2 New Rochelle HS graduates. My daughters both graduated from college and are successful young adults. I’m a south end parent and advocated for my children by participating in PTA, school events and hiring tutors so my children were able to successfully compete with their peers. Success in school starts at home.”

KickoffTD, we thank you for your perspective,
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  1. NRCommunityPulse said…

    NRCommunityPulse said…
    To tex,

    Yes and Yes.

    E-mail us directly, let’s talk.

  2. In response to KickoffTD’s
    In response to KickoffTD’s post:

    I don’t believe that any of the posts and comments in this blog have mentioned changing a school in particular, but rather the system that allows for certain behaviors and attitudes towards our children to take place.

    As an active member of the PTA in a South End school I have noticed that advocacy takes place in isolated pockets and not as part of the PTA as a whole. This is a challenge that is certainly taking place in other schools and communities, not just in the South End of New Rochelle.

    The majority of parents and guardians do care about and are involved in their children’s education. It is very easy to blame parents and families when real and valid concerns are expressed. But, what about the price parents and families pay because of poor decision making coming from those individuals who are entrusted with our youngsters?

    Being involved in school events and/or fund-raising activities is not what’s going to make an impact. Coming together as a strong parent advocacy group and making sure our concerns about our children’s education, health and safety are voiced and heard is what will make a bigger impact.

    On another note, tutoring is not something every family can afford to do. Schools, as you are aware, are not “free”. As taxpayers we pay more than enough, why should we have to pay more?

  3. Tex said…

    Tex said…
    It’s interesting that one of the ways this parent advocated for his children was by “hiring tutors”. That’s consistent with my earlier comments about how it seems to take a lot of tutoring for some public schools to be able to make claims of high academic achievement among their students. That does not seem right to me. In any case, if you are of modest means paying for a tutor can be a challenge or even impossible. And it goes against the idea that our public schools should be instrumental in helping to close the gap between rich and poor.

    Sometimes parents have found the PTA to be more interested in preserving the positive image of their school and tend to acquiesce with administration on most things. They welcome your involvement if you want to bake cupcakes, but not if you have a complaint. Public discourse through blogs is a relatively new way to effect change, and it’s unlikely to go away.

    However, I do wonder if the NRCP blogger has ever brought any of these issues to the attention of the PTA.

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