Getting Ready for Summer

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Some of our City’s most beautiful parks are located in District 2; and while our Public Works Department was busy clearing the snow from our streets, the Parks and Recreation Department was busy gearing up for summer.

Plans for the Marina include the repair of a bulkhead, purchase of a workboat, and dock and electrical upgrades, all of which are paid for through the Marina Enterprise Fund.

At Hudson Park, new railings have been installed at the beaches to replace those damaged during recent storms; the gazebo overlooking the old beach was refurbished by Eagle Scout candidate Michael Laplace of Boy Scout Troop 11; several new benches were installed at the Park; and the playground’s safety surface and asphalt pathways will be refurbished in the spring.

At Five Islands Park, the electrical system was recently upgraded with new path and parking lot lamps, and the hope is to light the bridge this spring as well. Pathways within the park have been resurfaced, and a new Fibar safety surfacing material was recently installed on the playground. With assistance from Habitat for Humanity, work has also been done at the picnic shelter, including replacement of benches and picnic tables.

Davenport Park has been significantly refurbished over the last few years with an upgrade to the public restrooms, paving of the parking lot and plantings by the New Rochelle Garden Club at the Shakespeare Garden.