Protection against tax increases, the refuse fee, and debatable expenditures

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For the fourth consecutive year, I voted against the budget, the tax increase and the residential refuse fee. As was the case previously, I believe that specific spending proposals should have been reduced or eliminated. Could I have totally eliminated a tax increase or the refuse fee? Of course not. However, if my suggestions were approved, the impact on the taxpayer would have been less onerous. Future capital improvements would have been easier to achieve, specifically vehicle replacement in DPW, Police and Fire. We need to reduce spending and bonding to save for the proverbial “rainy day”.

In the Neighborhoods Strengthening laws to protect our neighborhoods from the adverse impacts of overdevelopment The City Council approved a zoning code moratorium last year. It appointed citizens to work with City staff and Council in order to strengthen the zoning codes and to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods. The protections focused on the density impacts of certain types of development in residential neighborhoods as well as their aesthetic qualities.

I am happy to report that the City Council recently approved the recommendations proposed by citizens and staff, reinforcing our strong commitment to sustain the quality of life in neighborhoods. We have also requested that staff review multi-family zoned areas to identify opportunities where zoning might be further changed in order to improve neighborhood standards. I am thankful for citizen and neighborhood association input that continues to guide me in the pursuit of our goal to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods.