Spring Opening of the Day Laborers Site

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On March 15, 2007, the day laborers site opened for the third year. Thanks to the Adult Learning Center, Hispanic Woman Leaders of Westchester, the Bellas Artes Business Council of New Rochelle, and numerous other volunteers, the site has become a successful model in Westchester County. We are especially fortunate to have the continued support of Saint Gabriel’s Church.

One thought on “Spring Opening of the Day Laborers Site”

  1. Day Laborers Site
    This is good news thanks to Sister Eileen and the community. However,more is needed. These poor men deserve a sheltered, heated space while they wait for any available work as well as warm drinks and snacks to get them going in the morning. The city was going to look into this more carefully last year. If Mamaroneck and Port Chester can provide for their residents, we sure can at least equal what they have done.

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