Editor: Municipal Code Wiki

Written By: Deprecated User

The municipal code is online on the City web site but is a format that make it hard to access. It is not clear the code is updated in a timely manner. This would not be like Wikipedia where anyone could edit it, Only a select group, run by the editor of this part of Talk of the Sound, would have access to edit the site.

The first part of this job is to copy and paste the online version of the code into the Wiki software which is probably a day long effort.

Once that is done, the editor would make edits to the Code based on a resolution passed by the City Council. This means reading the minutes after each board meeting and making edits as needed. In my review of past minutes there are sometimes NO changes, sometimes one or two or three. It is unusual to see much more than that.

This person would also be expected to write a blog post analyzing changes when they occur. These posts would almost always be promoted directly to the front page of the site so this is a high profile, serious position. In a perfect world, the editor would be a lawyer but at the very least this person would not be a meticulous careful person so the code on our site would always be accurate.