Editor Wanted – Tag Sales

Written By: Deprecated User

Tag Sale Editor would initially collect announcement of tag sales from various sources – direct solicitation, taking down information from posted signs, readers reporting sales information, craigslist and other sources. The information would be put into a list to be published every Thursday night. There is a way to make a Google map based on this information and the editor would be taught how to do this – it is not that hard once a person has been taught how. The idea is that readers could come to the site each weekend and get a list of all the tag sales in New Rochelle along with a map displaying the location of each sale so they could plan their trip to visit sales of interest to them. Over time, hopefully, the list would become popular and more and more people would contact the editor directly via email with information about their tag sale so that the job would evolve over time into simply collecting emails and putting into the list/google map. If this really works well we can set up a form so that each week’s information would come in a structure format making that part of the job really easy. The editor would also take pictures and write about tag sales.

Clearly this person has to love going to tag sales and want to share their love of tag sales with others in the community.