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  1. Education Propaganda
    “high performing schools” and “highly qualified teachers” are terms that come from New York State Department of Ed’s implementation of No Child Left Behind. They mean little more than that the schools meet minimum standards but SOUND impressive. In other words, they are propaganda. Terms that are with so little meaning as to be deceptive. “High performing” relative to what? No one knows! “highly qualified” as opposed to what? No one knows.

    Instead of providing detailed reports, broken down in meaningful ways, we get nebulous, self-congratulatory terms that tell parents nothing but provide cover for incompetent administrators

    1. Ask Any Teacher About “Highly Qualified ” Ratings
      I believe that every year teachers fill out what is called a BEDS form for the NYSED. As you list all of your criteria , classes taught , size of classes , salaries , continuing education credits etc., etc. , you would think it is so the state could make an evaluation about your qualifications . Oddly enough one of the last questions asked is ” Are you a highly qualified teacher ?” . That serves as the data gathering to determine how many “highly qualified ” teachers there are in NYS . No wonder we have so many “highly qualified “teachers . I mean , if you were the teacher , how would you answer the question ?

  2. middle school results
    it is amazing to me to read over and over that all new rochelle schools are rated “high performing”. this cannot be the case given the comparison of new roc schools especially isaac young to county results for both test results and graduation rates/regents scores at high school level. written the state for clarification and criteria. something is wrong but it may be on the state and their willingess, even eagerness to make things easier (e.g. lowering passing grade for regents by 10 points. need more transparency and facts; our wallets are hurting and we need some degree of performance improvement to justify especially if we are seniors, non-renters, or childish

    mr g

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