“Cheat Sheet” for Requesting Special Education Services in New Rochelle

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Main Article

Comprehensive Overview of Applying for Services from the Special Education Department in the City School District of New Rochelle

Sub-Sections of Main Article

Why Parents Must Keep Detailed Records

Tips & Tricks for Your Child’s CSE Meeting

Tips & Tricks for the CSE Pre-Meeting

Common Delaying Tactics of the District

How the District Hides from Needy Students

Web Resources

Special Education Website Resources

Documents for Requesting Services

Sample Letter for Parental Referrals to CSE

Request for Special Education Services for Private School Students

Medical Documents

HIPPA Release Form

Health Appraisal Form

Trick Documents Used by District (NEVER sign these!)

Agreement to Withdraw Referral – used prior to CSE meeting to dupe them into waiving their right to a CSE with promises of services that often fail to materialize.

Parental Approval of an Individual Evaluation – never sign this because…

Parental Approval for a Non-CSE Evaluation – the District likes to “edit” this document to turn it into a document waiving rights to a CSE.

CSE/Placement/Services Recommendations Parent Approval – brought out at the end of the CSE to get parents to give District a blank check in drafting the IEP.

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