During Turbulent Times, Relationship Expert Debbie Pincus Offers Help in Strengthening What’s Important

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October 20, 2008–Debbie Pincus, noted psychotherapist and founder of The Relationship Center, announces two new classes on dealing with relationships in troubled times: “Parenting our Adult Children” and “Strengthening Your Relationships.” With the current economic crisis, the timing is right for these classes. “It’s an anxious time,” asserts Ms. Pincus. “With the loss of a job, or the fear of losing a job, people are dealing with depression, anxiety, and an overall sense of loss. This often puts tremendous strain on all relationships.”

Ms. Pincus founded The Relationship Center, with locations in Larchmont, Greenwich, and Manhattan. The Center offers couples therapy, parenting groups, individual therapy, and group work. One of Ms. Pincus’s many strengths is helping couples and parents cope with anxiety. We’ve gone to therapists before,” states one of Ms. Pincus’s clients, “But you saved our mariage.” One of Ms. Pincus’s parents
writes, “You helped me learn to relax, step back, and just stop worrying; and it greatly improved my relationship with my son.” Ms. Pincus has a unique approach to the work. “You might be surprised to discover what it takes to strengthen a relationship,” says Ms. Pincus. “I look at the entire emotional system–what affects one person affects the other. They both contribute to the dysfunction.”

This month, Ms. Pincus will offer two seminars through the Larchmont/Mamaroneck Continuing Education program:

*Parenting our Adult Children, a workshop that addresses maintaining healthy and balanced relationships with young adult children. Oct. 23 7:00-9:00PM.

*Strengthening Your Relationships, a workshop that provides tools to create and sustain strong relationships in good and difficult times. Oct. 30 7:00-9:00PM.

Both workshops will be held in the Palmer Building, Rm. C101 at Mamaroneck High School, 1000 West Boston Post Road, Larchmont, NY.

In November, The Relationship Center’s, courses will also be offered at Full-Circle Family Care in White Plains.

Debbie Pincus, Director of The Relationship Center, has been a psychotherapist and licensed mental health counselor in private practice for over 20 years. She also serves on the board of the Larchmont/Mamaroneck Counseling Center. Ms. Pincus specializes in relationships and anxiety and works individually and in groups with couples, singles, and parents. Ms. Pincus has postgraduate training from the Gestalt Institute of NY and the Bowen Family Institute in Georgetown. She lives in Larchmont with her husband and three children.


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