New Rochelle Superintendent Richard Organisciak Urges School Board, District Employees to “Support” Bankrupt Restaurant

Written By: Robert Cox

In a bizarre, unprecedented and shameless move, Superintendent Richard Organisciak last night formally requested that the New Rochelle Board of Education approve a “resolution of support” for MacMenamin’s Grill, an area restaurant that recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Confusion reigned as normally docile board members took the highly unusual (for them) step of asking questions.

One of the questions they might have asked is whether or not family members of senior administration officials have an ownership stake in the restaurant?

Another might be whether New Rochelle students have been enrolled, at tax-payer expense, in the cooking school at MacMenamin’s Grill?

Or whether New Rochelle school officials get special treatment at MacMenamin’s Grill?

It was not clear what exactly Superintendent Organisciak was proposing the board do about MacMenamin’s Grill or why it is a matter of public concern that MacMenamin’s Grill stay in business. The proposal did, however, generate something rarely seen at board meetings – actual discussion of an agenda item. In fact, board members spent more time discussing the proposed MacMenamin’s Grill “resolution of support” then was spent discussing the previous agenda item – the budgetary impact of the financial crisis and the proposed cuts in New York State funding to the City School District of New Rochelle. Apparently, the school board thinks the financial status of a restaurant is more important to the residents of New Rochelle than the financial status of the school district which is looking at multi-million dollars cuts in funding over the next 18 months.

The always eager and reliably compliant Mary Jane Reddington, a board member since the stone age, rushed to defend Superintendent Organisciak by praising Brian MacMenamin for his “pro bono” work with special needs children. While any work with special needs kids is admirable, Mr. Reddington characterized ALL of his work with special needs kids as “pro bono” which is hardly the case if his restaurant is being paid to work with special needs students.

We intend to find out. We’ve filed a FOIL request with the District and BOCES to obtain copies of all invoices from and payments to MacMenamin’s Grill, the cooking school at MacMenamin’s Grill and any related corporate entities.

7 thoughts on “New Rochelle Superintendent Richard Organisciak Urges School Board, District Employees to “Support” Bankrupt Restaurant”

  1. School district does pay
    As far as I know, MacMenamin’s DOES get paid for teaching NRHS students. the cost is pretty high as far as I heard..something in the ballpark of $5, 000 to $7, 000 per MONTH!

    My question is, “does the district then charge the State for reinbursement? “

  2. Support of students
    MacMenamin’s supports NRHS students via a culinary program that allows students to receive credits for this program. The restaurant also offers a full scholarship to any student that chooses to go to culinary school after the experience.

    1. Is MacMenamin’s PAID by NRHS?
      How exactly does MacMenamin’s “support” NRHS students?

      Is MacMenamin’s PAID or not?

      Mary Jane Reddington praised Brian MacMenamin for “pro bono” work.

      If MacMenamin’s does not charge for providing classes to students, that’s great.

      Let’s see what happens with my FOIL request. I have requested any invoices from MacMenamin’s and any checks paid to MacMenamin’s.

      Based on the claims of “support” and “pro bono” that have been made there should not be ANY.

    Superintendent Richard Organisciak formally requested that the New Rochelle Board of Education approve a “resolution of support” for MacMenamin’s Grill because he’s a selfish and corrupt person that gets special pricing favors from the restaurant. He also uses MacMenamin’s for business lunches and dinners paid for by hard working New Rochelle tax payers. He really has some set! He’s more concerned about dining out that taking care of the school district. Who allowed this SOB to be our school district Superintendent?

    1. Business Lunches
      There is no reason for any school business to be conducted at a restaurant at taxpayer expense. School business is properly transacted at the appropriate office during regular hours.

  4. Have you noticed that most
    Have you noticed that most of the people who eat this place are from the North End. This guy is not a friend of the people in New Rochelle. He gets too many perks and then leaves people hanging. Let him go bankrupt. Support local businesses on Main Street.

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