So Much For Dissing New Rochelle and Mayor Bramson, Steiner Sports MarketingTakes 40,000 SF in New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

After months of bashing New Rochelle, Mayor Noam Bramson, Trump, Cappelli and pretty much everyone else within a 5 miles radius of New Roc City, Brandon Steiner has decided that New Rochelle is not such a bad place after all.

CoStar Realty announced today:: “Steiner Sports Marketing, a communications firm that is part of Omnicom Group, signed a 40,000-square-foot lease at 145 Huguenot St. in New Rochelle, NY. Occupancy is planned sometime in the first quarter of 2009. “

Pretty funny. Readers will recall that over the summer, Steiner took the unusual step of running a “wanted ad” offering to locate anywhere in Westchester County other than New Rochelle.

Wanted in Westchester County: 40,000 to 50,000 square feet of corporate office and warehouse space for Jan. 1, 2009 occupancy. Contact: Brandon Steiner, CEO of Steiner Sports Marketing and Memorabilia Inc. and “disappointed” tenant of New Roc City in New Rochelle. Caveat to brokers: Willconsider leasing anywhere in the county but in City of New Rochelle.

Back then Steiner told the Westchester County Business Journal “Im disappointed in the City of New Rochelle,” he said. “The mayor’s done nothing to keep us and make it work here. I just think if New Rochelle wanted to keep us, the mayor would have stepped up. He just doesn’t give a hoot.” Steiner called his experience in New Rochelle “disillusioning” and told the paper he wanted to move his company “to a place where we’re wanted and where a landlord will really appreciate us”.

145 Huguenot is directly across the street from New Roc City – about 15 feet away from the New Roc City property – and yes, it is in New Rochelle.

One thought on “So Much For Dissing New Rochelle and Mayor Bramson, Steiner Sports MarketingTakes 40,000 SF in New Rochelle”

  1. Brandon Steiner is a
    Brandon Steiner is a COMPLETE MORON with only one goal—To make a complete fool of himself by using his wallet and backing of the public company to get what he wants. He has proven time and time again that he is a selfish and UNETHICAL individual who will stop at nothing to get what he wants! And I mean what he wants. He does nothing for the benefit of the company that other people built for him. You heard it here first—-Steiner Sports will be out of business in a matter of two years! I hope the lease on 145 has options for the landlord????

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