Annual Holiday Boutique at Trinity Elementary, a Huge Success!

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On Saturday, December 6th, 2008, Trinity Elementary School opened its doors to the New Rochelle community in the spirit of the holidays with their Holiday Boutique. Thanks to the efforts of the Trinity Elementary School PTA, the Annual Holiday Boutique was a phenomenal success. The school gymnasium was converted into a wonderful shopping experience with a wide variety of vendors with unique gift options and an overall festive and welcoming atmosphere. Notably visible throughout the course of the day were all three Trinity Administrators, Mr. McMahon, Mr. Briceño, and Mrs. Pacheco. We commend them for taking the time. Unofficial observations would calculate the visitors in the several hundreds. This is not surprising since Trinity serves around 850+ students. Vendors were notably happy with the turnout.

Totally invisible were members of the City School District of New Rochelle Board of Education as well as members of Central Administration. One would think that with the kind of salaries Central Administration was paid last year (2007) that someone would scrape up a a couple of minutes and show their face at this event, one of only two events on the District calendar this weekend. What is not clear to the Board of Education and Central Administration is the awakening of the sleeping giant at Trinity. A giant that the City School District underestimates. They will soon cease to take for granted the children and the families. Equity will be achieved at Trinity. And NO, nobody is moving or going away on this side of the issue. We all love New Rochelle and we will not be forced out of our homes.

Kudos to the Trinity PTA!

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  1. Friday Holiday Gift Shop for the Children
    Also, a hearty ho-ho congratulations is offered for the uber-successful Trinity PTA Holiday Gift Shop for the Trinity children held during the school day on Friday, December 4th. The discerning shoppers browsed and calculated to make their own dollars fill their little lists of names. It was heart warming to see the success of the event. It is not easy to make an event for so many children, and the PTA pulled it off with ample merchandise, flyers, professional price tags, a cashier station with bagging clerk and store clerks for assistance.

    The items for sale were appropriate for all members of the family, including a “dads, grandfather and uncles” table with flashlights and tape measures. Mothers gifts were lotions and potions. The children enjoyed shopping with their peers. Many came with coins from their piggy banks in envelopes and change purses that they counted and recounted. It truly was the holiday spirit.

    Thanks to all that made the event a success! Congratulations to all! I hope you all can have a good rest today watching the football games and unwinding.

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