More Frivolous Spending by New Rochelle City Officials

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pickupsmash.jpg On the December 9th City Council Meeting, once again proves that our elected officials love to waist hard working tax payers money on useless purchases.

That evening City Council Members approved the unnecessary purchase of a $44,000 pickup truck for the Parks Department.

Question: Why in the world would anyone want to spend $44,000 on an unnecessary expenditure, such as a pickup truck during frightful economic times that we are experiencing today?

Answer: It’s easy to spend when it’s NOT THEIR MONEY!!!!

Mayor Bramson, along with all the Council members once again, did not hesitate to spend money that isn’t theirs.

If this is the kind of government the people elected and allow them to run it in this manner, then the people that elected these “idiots” deserve what they get. Unfortunately, everyone else must suffer as well.

Our elected and appointed officials are elected to watch out for its tax paying citizens. But once again, we are talking about New Rochelle. Common sense, during terrible economic times, is to cut spending, not spend more. You don’t need a degree in economics to realize this.

I would love it if the federal government or a private citizen would audit the City, the School District and all of its elected and appointed officials. Oh my, I can see the finger pointing already!!!

And why does the Parks Department need a new $44,000 pickup truck anyway?

It’s not like they maintain all the parks in New Rochelle equally. Just take a ride to Sycamore Park. Walk around inside and see the wonderful work that the parks department does to maintain it, NOT!!!!

Here’s an idea Mr. Anthony Tardibuono, Parks Supervisor, Do your job and take care of ALL the parks, not just the ones in the North End!!!!

One thought on “More Frivolous Spending by New Rochelle City Officials”

  1. I do not believe the North
    I do not believe the North End Parks are serviced any better than any other City property. I do believe we are one City with the goal of improving quality of life for all Citizens.
    Somehow the Mayor uses his grip on District 5 and District 6 to slam home his will.
    Barry Fertel was handed Bransons seat in district 5 and there was not even a challenger during the re-election campaign. That is a huge problem and I believe all must be done to find a challenger for Fertel.
    Sussman must be removed from City Council and from the IDA Board. As far as Stowe Goes I don’t what to do with that seat and how he could be removed.
    The truth is Bramson is great at spending other peoples money.

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