School Board Suspends Jefferson Employee Without Pay over Racist Remarks

Written By: Robert Cox

When are “isolated incidents” no longer “isolated” but rather suggest an emerging pattern of problems?

At the board meeting on December 16th, the school board went in to executive session and came back to announce a resolution that a “civil service” employee would be suspended for 30 days without pay.

Talk of the Sound has learned that the person suspended is an an employee at Jefferson School. The person was accused of having made racist remarks, sources say. These same sources told TOS that the suspended employee has a history of similar racist behavior. Word is that the school board was not eager to take significant disciplinary action in the case; anyone who was present at the board meeting could see that board member Martin Sanchez played some sort of role in the board action taken last week. While seated with the board he could be seen nodding as Cindy Babcock-Deutsch read the resolution, as if to say he was satisfied with the action taken by the board to suspend the employee.

Last year, when Phil Carino, a white supervisor at Isaac Young Middle School strung up stuffed animals, including a stuffed monkey, with nooses, the district initially failed to take significant disciplinary action. The noose incident became public with the N.A.A.C.P brought a lawsuit against the district. Eventually, the board voted to suspend the employee for three weeks and convened a full day of “sensitivity” training for district personnel.

In response to the unwanted media attention that came with the lawsuit, the district issued a statement calling the overtly racist acts “isolated incidents”. Readers will recall that the stabbing incident at New Rochelle High School was also called an “isolated incident”. The book censorship was also called an “isolated incidents”.

Now that there have been two racist incidents made public at two difference school over the past year, the noose incident can no longer be called an “isolated incident”.

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The suspension was to begin immediately so by now it should be clear to those at Jefferson School who is no longer showing up for work. We hope Talk of the Sound readers will come forth with additional details on the incidents, the people involved, why it took so long for the district to act and why the person was not terminated. So long as people who engage in overt racism continue to be employed by the district, we can expect more of this sort of thing. If you have your own stories please share them here.

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  1. raceism
    Aparently the readers or most city oficials, have never visited the low income. . . no leagle income areas of your “Sub-Fair” city? Never had the oprotunity, to walk through the dirt, filth, stink and un-imaginable health hazards, and have things thrown at them, and told to go mind their own buisness? There is, and never has been, any civilized or socialably aceptable way of dealing with those types of “people”. I, myself, would welcome, a free one way ticket back to the country of my ancestors…, sure as hell, I would never come back to this sh-t hole! Everyone who lives in this country, is entitled to their basic civil rights, I would die to protect them,for them…but those here ileagly have no rights here…I will die, just to throw you out! I doubt, you will survive your journies back home! You won’t be coming back here! Things are rough all over, either keep your stinky ases home, or kiss your nasty lives “Good Bye”.

  2. racist incidents
    will somebody anybody give me a job, in the New Rochele school system. Fire me for what ever, demote me, for what ever, and give me a raise in pay, for doing absolutly nothing. . . where else but good ole New Rochelle, cand anybody get away with crap like that. . . for decades! Shut the whole God D—ed thing down, and fire everyone in it. . . Supt. of Schools to the toilet cleaners, all have been on the hind tet, far to long!

  3. you look at alot of the
    you look at alot of the things that go on in the school district- you need to look at all the money that they waste- they just posted a position for a glazier- a $ 60,000 unneeded position-the duties that fall under this position are also on the carpenters duties- most of the windows in the school buildings are new and under contract for repairs- you need to look at how much glazier work has been done by the past glazier- the board of ed keeps saying that they are trying to cut back- save money- save tax payers unnecessary costs- well this is one $60,000 position that is totally uncalled for

    1. waste
      Hey babe… a true glazier, is a all but lost trade!
      the clown hired…at 60 K plus, dosen’t know the difference between a piece of glass or a putty knife, and will call in for help, with any and evry minor problem. Some fat ass politicians son, a job for life… full benifts, max raises, for doing nothing for life… That should be my job!

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