New Dog Walking Rules at Ward Acres

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So, what are the new rules?

The 59 acres outside the dog run are free – no fees, no special licensing, but dogs must be leashed. Only users of the 3 acre dog run, where dogs may run unleashed, must purchase the permit at $50 per resident household or $100 per non-resident household (limit of 4 dogs) per year.

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  1. Can you refresh my memory?
    Can you refresh my memory? Why did the city create the fenced area and the fees? Were there a lot of complaints or an incident? Thanks!

    1. You have to ask the city why
      You have to ask the city why they built the dog run.

      Many dog owners (not all) opposed the dog run because they feared (correctly) that the city would use the dog run as a justification to eliminate off-leash walking-around-the-park, which the city had tolerated for decades and which fostered a wonderful community of dog owners and promoted the healthy socialization of dogs and outdoor exercise for humans.

      As far as we know, there were no incidents during the decades of use by dog owners prior to enactment of the ordinance – as for complaints, none that we know of. Prior to the ordinance, the city vaguely alluded to “complaints” but never documented them for us or the public.

      Mayor Bramson has repeatedly stated that the park was “underutilized.”

      Look back in this blog to read Kathy’s letter that gives our response to that fiction. Here:

      Jeff & Lulu

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