Journal News: Rye Neck teachers’ union, district spar online, in mailers

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The Journal News reports on contract negotiations between the district and its teacher’s union (click here) and how things have escalated.

The union president Nick Pagliuca recently sent a letter to residents alleging the district administration employs intimidation tactics when dealing with employees and has not been true to the expired 2005-08 contract with its teachers.

The school district posted two lengthy responses on its Web site. One was a statement on behalf of the school board by President Nancy Tucci accusing the union of misrepresenting the facts and making “hurtful and unseemly” personal attacks on Superintendent Peter Mustich.

The Journal News Reporter, Christine Pizzuti described a response by Board of Education President as “vague.” Did the Journal News actually challenge someone? We need that reporter here! Oddly enough, if someone is seeking the truth, that is what they should be doing, drilling down and exposing the lies.

The board’s letter says the union “misrepresented or misstated facts on administrative costs and specific employee-related issues,” but Tucci would not elaborate. Asked what constituted a “personal attack” by the union on Mustich, Tucci was vague and said they have existed in the union’s “general tone.”

We are happy to report that this kind back bitting does not occur here in the City School District of New Rochelle since Central Administration and the teachers’ union leadership operate like one big happy family, which benefits all school district employees. Maybe Rye Neck teachers should be sending their resumes to City Hall here in New Rochelle.

One thought on “Journal News: Rye Neck teachers’ union, district spar online, in mailers”

  1. Mr. Cox,
    As the President of

    Mr. Cox,
    As the President of the Rye Neck Teachers’ Association for the last 24 years I believe that I have some credibility and legitimacy when I speak to the problems the professional staff faces here at Rye Neck. Over the last two decades this Association has worked hand-in-hand with the District’s Administration to provide the children of this community with the best education in this county.
    Until recently we have had a good relationship with the BOE and their Administrative agents. This current situation arises from several years of having our concerns not heard and more importantly not given any credibility. You are correct in stating that this situation if not resolved will work to the detriment of this school system.
    Nick Pagliuca
    President, RNTA

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