It Takes a Failed Referendum for the Board of Education to Listen to the People

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Journal News reported: Eastchester schools seeking residents’ concerns through focus groups

“This is really about the school board trying to connect with the community and get a sense of how people in the school system feel about the needs of the school district,” said Bruce Dennis, a former Bedford school superintendent who will serve as the moderator.

Trying to connnect? Why was there ever a disconnect?

Dennis began by asking attendees why they thought a $20 million construction referendum failed last year by 85 votes.

“The referendum failed because the school community did not come out to vote,” said Manfred Moses, a resident and longtime activist in the town. “No matter what you say about the opposition to the referendum, they came out to vote. If you want to blame anyone, look in the mirror and take a look at yourself.”

No school officials will attend these meetings, Dennis said, as a means to allow residents to speak freely. Dennis said he will compile what is said into a report he will present to the school board next month.

Maybe they should try tis in New Rochelle. This would be a change from the usual tactics (click here)of filling the room with employees.

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  1. The New Rochelle Board of
    The New Rochelle Board of Education is out of tune with the real new rochelle. I went to my first meeting at the High School when the whole book-pare-ripping occurred. What a bucnh of idiots. I don’t blame the Board of Ed, but those who made such a big issue of it. What a distraction from the real problems in our schools; the segregation of black and white kids; how many black kids are in teh top 20, the top 50 etc; this is not funny; it’s tragic and where are our black leaders? Quay, Jerry, Camile; do you have a toungue? Do you have courage?; the reservation status of hispanic kids – they have no role models. I say Mr. Martine Sanchez speak out. That was refreshing. Did he het his but chewed at yourprivate sessions for speaking out? I noticed his term ends in June. He should run againa nd should continue to speak out since the rest of the board is clueless, mundless , out of touch – Deirdre Polow and Mary Reddington have nvere ventured to Lincoln park, much less at night. Do you know where the hispanic kids live? do you care? And david lacher in bed with all of the realtors and as the BIA mouthpiece, a degenerate giving away money to the rich and powerful. What do you get in return? more business? A two face for sure. As a retire school administrator (not in NR) I am ashame at how things have gotten. We need new blood in the board. People who know the kids, the families and who are courageous enough to not live on their laurels. Yes, Dee and Ms Reddington have been on the board for over 50 years combined. Why? The board should be like city council and be by districts. This would be the fair thing to do. John Di Ciccio, Elm Street, New Rochelle

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