Al’s Pals Soccer Club Opens for Spring Registration

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

Al’s Pals Club offers
clinics for boys and girls ages from 4 up to 14 in our local community. It emphases fun and the age appropriate soccer lessons. We are family oriented program.

Al’s Pals Soccer Club creates an exceptional sports environment that will develop and nurture a love of game, so boys and girls can reach their real potential. Al’s Pals Soccer Club kids develop values and habits from our playing fields that will last a lifetime. This is essential simply because the adults, who enjoy sports and fitness, were exposed to healthy sports experiences, when they were young.
Al’s Pals Soccer Club creates an environment where parents see not apprehension, but, enthusiasm in their kids’ performance. Young boys and girls, sensing this approach, are relaxed and they increase their own enjoyment and performance.

Our soccer club is designed for EVERY child that desires a positive and healthy sports experience. We do not ignore the most important aspect of the child athletes – their social and emotional needs. We are positive that emotional, not mechanical development is what is most important during the childhood years.

Spring season starts first weekend in April. It consists of 8 weekend clinics, filled with the games, targeting basic individual skills.

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e-mail at
or call coach Martin at 914-380-6307.