Salesian High School Student Found Dead at Home

Written By: Robert Cox


A student at Salesian High School was found dead this morning in his home in the Bronx. The cause of death has not been determined. The student, Nicholas Nespolini, was a junior at the New Rochelle parochial high school run by Salesian priests. The school was informed of the unexpected death by the boy’s mother. Salesian students who had gathered to attend a previously scheduled mass at Holy Name Church were informed during the service. The mass for the Feast of St. John Bosco, the founder of the Salesian order marks the annual start of “Spirit Week” at Salesian High School. Nespolini lived on Randall Avenue in the Bronx.

Wake: Monday, February 2, 2009, 2:00-5:00 p.m. and 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Sisto Funeral Home, 3489 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465
Directions to Sisto Funeral Home (718) 892-2102

Funeral: Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 11:00 a.m.

Holy Name of Jesus Church, Petersville Road, New Rochelle, NY 10801
Directions to Holy Name Church (914) 636-4856

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been updated from the original “breaking news” report.

49 thoughts on “Salesian High School Student Found Dead at Home”

  1. Happy late birthdayy broo i
    Happy late birthdayy broo i miss u soo —- much soo does everyone at school. You where the easiest person to ever talk to because you got along with everyone and if you didnt they didnt want any problems. You will always be a great friend of mine and to everyone miss ya broo.

  2. Nic Nic I miss you so badly
    Nic Nic I miss you so badly and I yearn to hug and kiss you. I yearn to see your face and your quirky smile and that strong spirit of how you loved life. I miss seeing your face and everytime you came over or I saw you at your house you were a sight for soar for eyes something about your face would just glow when ever I saw you. maybe it was just me but you had always this glow on your face and how you loved life.
    I would do anythhing to trade places with you so you can continue loving the life you set forth to have. I wish GOD could just grant me that wish.
    You told me during Christmas that you were going to play in a band and you wanted me to come with your mom & dad now I will never get to see that.
    I miss you SO DAMN MUCH…I love ssssooo
    much. Teze

  3. Nick Nespo, man when i first
    Nick Nespo, man when i first found out about you it was because i saw you walk up to some kid and kinda make him hit a locker.. lol… but that was the first time i saw you. I eventually walked up to you one day in school and i said hey are you Nespo, and you said yeah. In my head i was like damn this is the kid iv heard about for 2 years, i asked you if that was a real tatto in your mouth and when you showed me i asked if it hurt and you said yeah, and from out from the blue Scott F comes and goes i got one too.. That was the first time i ever really met you man. I never really chilled with you but when ever i was by layton and you were with Scott i would walk up to yous and give you a pound. I realize i never really got to meet you but i wish i did, you did more for people than yourself. R.I.P Nespo..


  4. Teze
    Nic Nic I am at work


    Nic Nic I am at work and listening to your music and everyone of them reminds me in different ways of who you are as and infant until your teenage years. I miss you so much its taring me apart to my every being. I cannot seem to go through the day without feeling my heart ready to explode. My boy in the mirror I wish I can turn the hands of time so I can take your place. I feel in adequate and uncertain how life suppose to be but I know for sure that your were suppose to be here with us. I am just waiting for GOD to answer me WHY…this is not ever going to get easier but harder. My thoughts never seeing walking with your class mates to graduate, walking down the aisle when you get married or when you hold your first born and with all these thoughts its killing my soul, streading my heart to pieces, breaking down every fiber of my being.
    Nic Nic we all cannot breath with you…I love you soooooo much!
    Nic Nic’s website is below for all those that love him and know him

  5. NICk
    your By far the coolest

    your By far the coolest kid i have ever met i will misss you so much me and johnjohn will misss you forever . i Still remember when we met you in front of your house we thought it was so coool that u had your own house thingy lmao i love you BRo please watch over every 1. yOur were cared about more then youlll ever know . were all lost with out you layton is empty with out you lol. YOu8r the Best!!!!!


  6. nespo it seems like
    nespo it seems like everything has changed since you left and we all miss you so much, yu were really the big brother to everyone and everyone loved you for that. class without you right next to me just is no fun anymore. the bronx without you nespo is just not the same. yu had the most amazing effect on everyone who came across your path and yu rele are the coolest kid i kno. yull be in my heart forever nesquick and ill always love you bro. i truely believe only the good die young nick cuz yu rele were a saint. rest peacefully big guy ily

  7. Nicholas:
    I only met you

    I only met you once or twice but knew immediately you were special. Your mom is my best friend and she is hurting so bad. She would always light up when she spoke about you and all the good (and sometimes not so good) adventures that you had. She always praised you and called you her heart. Wish I could go there where you are, so you could come here to be with your family. Your brother Michael keeps looking for you and I know your dad is hurting as well. But it’s your mom, for whom I worry. Please put your arms around her and comfort her. She has suffered so much but would give it all up for a chance to see you once more. If you have the power to make that happen, please do so. Sincerely, Joanne

  8. My Lil Cuz
    Nick … lil

    My Lil Cuz

    Nick … lil albanian cousin….lol. You wouldv’e been 17, you should be 17. I don’t understand what happend. It practically been a month and this is still blurry. I wish you wouldve said somethin, u know I would have listened to u n gave u some type of advice. I think this hurts the most because it really didnt and shouldnt have happendl; now all I have is those childhood memories, n boy oh boy do we have alot lol. Remember u used to always come to my house to sleep over and we would get into a fight n u would call your parents od late n they used to get tight at u. We used to terrorize that dog u and your mom had, chasin it around the house tryin to “karate chop” it lol. U used to sit there and let champ rape me lol. We used to play football, or atleast try to play football in ur moms bedroom lol. I still got that video of me and you when I was singing to Nicole….lollll me, steph, n jess where watchin it the other day. The best was the time we put “the toe” on ur moms lab top lolll. Damn, we still had sum plans, u was supposed to come wit me next yr to Woodburry n be my financial advisor again lol. Well im still goin and u better come too and find some ay to help me so I dont spend all my money like I almost did this past year. N dont forget our lil boxin match….U kno I wouldve knocked u out righ? lol but ill give u the wine this time. But if I ever see u again…n I hope I do, we could duke it out lol. The priest kept on sayin all this n that bout ur passin away should “open our eyes” n at first I swear it as getting me tight but it kinda did open my eyes. You showed me to appreciate the people you love because they could seriously be here one day and be gone the next. When Jess told me the news that morning when I was on the bus I had no idea that I was gon hear what I did. It crazy cuz I used to see u all the time when we where young n now ill never see you again (I hope I do)….I never expected this n now that it happend, I jus wish we wouldve spent more time together bc you know you was my favorite lil cuz righ? Don worry, you still are and you always will be, now n till the day I die n then hopefully I get to chill wit you some more.

    I love you Nic Nic


  9. Nic Nic you were taken from
    Nic Nic you were taken from us so quickly 16
    years went by in a blink.We miss you from deep inside our hearts.Such a beautiful face to look at because there was a beautiful soul inside. I know God must have given you great big angel wings to watch over
    all the loved ones you left behind . We will miss you forever and we will always help Mom and Dad keep you memory alive. We pray you stay close to them and Mikey,and help them through their days . forever you are in our hearts. I will never never never forget you or my memories of you . lov Carol

  10. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow
    It will be 4 weeks tomorrow and yet, it feels like an eternity… forever.. since you are gone. Every day the pain of losing you gets worse and the sorrow deepens. I think of you every second of the day. I think about where you are and if you are ok. It hurts so bad…………

    Do you remember when I told you to never be selective with your vision, (never be selfish with what God has put in front of you to see) Never be selfish with what you hear, because God did not give us our eyes and ears just to see and hear what we want to see and hear… He has given us the beauty of our vision and hearing to see and hear everything, The good, bad and ugly… With that, never wait for someone to ask you for help… just help them and move on… and most importantly never pass judgment on anyone you do help.. because we are not here to judge.. you are here to help.. You followed and observed and learned and became an extraordinary person who never waited to be asked for help… you just did it, even if it costed you… you were always there for all your friends and strangers in their time of need. You used to tell me “Mom, I can see their pain through their eyes, I need to make it right for them” and you did…
    It did not take much for you to have the love for anyone you met… It came natural for you…you had enough for the entire world..
    You only started to hang out when you were 13 years old, and in the 4 years you were hanging out you accomplished more Good than both of your parents have in their lifetime…
    MY LOVE, everyone of your friends have been with us from that day that God called upon you to spread your love in heaven.. They have shared some of their fondest stories of you and also told us how much you have changed their life forever… You made many see who they were, because you provided care, love and friendship to them, that has distilled in them a passion to be better for themselves and others…..THEY ALL LOVE YOU TOOOOOO,,,,,

  11. From: Dad known to You “
    From: Dad known to You “ Papa Dukes”

    To: Nick “Nespo”
    Address: L-Block Heaven,
    Zip Code: 1 Trillion Angels

    Nick, If I knew that God would take me to bring you back, I would really do so with all my heart, so I could watch you finish the perfect life that you wanted. To watch you grow to become the man that you were, and would be the one to watch over all of you. But now, I’m just so lost, Its like my life is over. Everyday I don’t know what I am going to do anymore without you.
    When you were born, that day was the happiest day of my life. I thanked your mother and God for you. I remember I used to take you everywhere with me. Remember every Saturday we used to have toy day at Pelham Bay Toy Store. I gave you $20.00 every Saturday and you would run into the toy store and about ten minutes later you would say “ Dad I need ten more dollars, and I would say, What about the $20.00, You would say, But the toy is $30.00. You did that to me all the time. But just to see your face glow, I always gave it to you. Do you remember when I surprised you with the TV and DVD in the White truck, and when I put a sega system in it for you, so you could play while we hung out together. You were so happy, there is so much more I could write, but now its just all memories that no-one can take from me and you, “ever”.
    P.S: I love You from here to you in heaven because that’s where you are. I will see you there one day.. I can’t wait.
    Love always and for eternity, your best friend and Dad.. “ PapaDukes.. as you would say..
    I am still waiting for you to come to me in my dreams or in spirit.

  12. To My Soul, Serenity and
    To My Soul, Serenity and Sanity,
    You were always with me, even before you were born, that is because you are my soul.
    When you were born, my soul split , you carried one half and I carried the other. Together we were as one. We always told eachother that we could not breathe without eachother, this is true. You are the air that I breathed, now, I am struggling to breathe without you. My soul is broken and nothing can repair it…
    Your are my Serenity, your presence in my life was enough to keep me whole. Whenever I was confused, down or just having a bad day, your eyes, the way you looked at me, your smile, the way you spoke to me.. your hugs, I love you mom, and just the simple things you did, like trying to push your way back into my stomach… you always told me that you needed to go back into my stomach… because you wanted to live inside of me forever.. haha… provided me the serenity that I needed to overcome and find the motivation to be strong for all of us…

    You are my Sanity… When you were a baby I never allowed anyone to make you cry… your eyes were not allowed to draw a tear from it or ever look sad…If ever you were sad… I was broken…Your presence kept me Sane, Together, Whole… You were a perfect son, Friend, and Angel to me… You were and remain to be MY SOUL..

    You Often said, ” I am you mom, and you are me” We are One…. this is True… because now I am lost and do not know who I am without you….MY Soul is Broken, My life is Broken and you are the only one that can make me whole again…..
    there is so much I want to say…and So much I have been cheated out of…
    I MISS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH… PLEASE BE THERE FOR MIKEY… He Misses you so much.. you can see through his eyes.. they are empty…
    PLEASE BE THERE FOR DADDY… HE is also lost… Ever since you was a baby… Every single night as you know, he did not go to sleep unless he kissed you goodnight and told you how much he loved you… Now, he is lost… You and him were just shopping that thursday to buy you your car… you made a date that friday morning to go to motor vehicles to pick up your permit and then to go and get your car…. Daddy is still going to buy it for you…. YOU MADE US PROUD EVERY DAY…. the way you always put other people’s needs before your own, the way you made everyone happy, your good morals and respect for everyone, your promises that you kept and the Love and Devotion that you gave to everyone you loved, made us proud tooooo,,,, You are extraordinary…
    MOST IMPRTANTLY.. You are my SOUL, SERENITY AND SANITY… My Love, I will yearn for the rest of my days, to see you again, to unite our souls so that we can be as one.. WHOLE>>>>>>
    I love you

  13. Nickk i misss youu soo
    Nickk i misss youu soo muchh.. every dayy thiss gets harder & harder butt i want youu too knoww that i lovee youu &+ i miss youu<3 i will never forget youu. &+ mayy youu restt in peacee. I promisee whenn youu its my time im going to be looking forr youu first<33

    Nic Nic,


    Nic Nic, you were truly loved and will be missed. I still can’t believe you are gone. I go by your house and still think I will see you, but I know in my heart I will see you again someday. You left us too soon. God took you from us and I know that he gained something precious. We have your memory and that will never die.” Death leaves us with sorrow, but Love leaves us a memory that no one can steal…..

    Luv u Aunt Roe

  15. Nic Nic, you were truely
    Nic Nic, you were truely loved and will be missed. I still can’t believe you are gone. I go by your house and still think I will see you, but I know in my heart I will see you again someday.You left us too soon. God took you from us and I know that he gained something preciuos. We have your memory and that will never die.” Death leaves us with sorrow, but Love leaves us a memory that no one can steal”…..

    Luv u Aunt Roe

  16. Nick, we miss you and Nicky
    Nick, we miss you and Nicky missed u alot you were such a good kid who changed alot of people but we all know your safe and you being a good boy LOL…

    But send Nicky a sign 2 do good in school because hell only listen 2 you hes been sad ever since you left and all he wants it you back please jus be there for him and look after you little brother he needs you jus like every1 else does not a day goes by that we dont thnk about you and mis you please look after Nicky lost one of this brest friends but gained a guardian angel … and we never said goodbye cuz thats unnecessary you will always be here with us in our hearts forever

    We love you Nespo Rest in peace …


    [Editor’s Note: the original comment was edited to remove the use of “all caps”]

  17. Nic Nic
    Your mom today had a

    Nic Nic
    Your mom today had a reading and she felt a little better knowng that Harry, Bute and your grandfather are with you. She always said leave a popcorn trail and you did.
    Keep your eye on Michael your little brother really needs you and that void you not being around you can see in hs eyes that he misses you terribly.

    Nic Nic stay close to him and watch over him.

    I love you so much I just cannot believe you are not here, every now and then drop by I would love to know you are here listening to my blabering.

    You will and always be my heart…I will keep you posted on Mikey your bother really needs your presence at all times.

    God is holding your hand please hold Mikey’s hand and keep him safe.

  18. 2/9/2009
    Another day has

    Another day has passed and I am in an auh not knowing why? I speak to your mom and dad everyday. I had Mikey on the phone today and aksed him if he knew nena’s phone number and said no, so I gave it to him but he would repeat 800 number just so I can repeat myself to him. As you know Mikey is nothing more then a joker in his own right but there are some things he reminds me of you Nic Nic. Keep an eye on him because he really misses you very much.
    I thought I could send you messages like this so you can keep a watch on Mikey.

    I love you, miss you, and i will send you messages when ever I can.

    Oh by the way your friends have you tatooed on their back, shoulder, hip, forearm and your family are all going together to have you tatooed on their bodies.

    Kid you left a mark on this earth forever.

    I love you for eternity

  19. Nic Nic, Teze misses you so
    Nic Nic, Teze misses you so much. You have taken my breath away my soul hurts and its in pain. Not to ever hear your voice again or receive your hugs. Even when I did talk to you I had to always say it three times because of your IPOD in your ears, and you always would say ” I did not hear what you said” you played it off and would laugh but the whole time you did hear me. I will miss you terribly as if I gave birth to you. Nic Nic I know you are around and you hear me and I related your message from my dream to your mom and dad.
    One thing you need to do all the time is talk to your dad, mom and Mikey.

    I love you I love you I love you…Teze

  20. nic nic
    you brought so much

    nic nic
    you brought so much joy to your parents and family,iam am glad we had 16 years with you then to of had none,you are always in our hearts and souls,and may you now spread your wings to fly among the skies and watch over us,and fly high,and remember until we meet again, we love you

  21. Nick you will be missed by
    Nick you will be missed by so many of us! Please watch over us always, remember us as we will always remember you! I never thought there would be a day without me being able to say hello and laugh with you!

  22. i didnt know him but i hope
    i didnt know him but i hope he rests in peace he will be loved and missed by everyone who knew him

  23. NicNic
    we love and miss u

    we love and miss u sooo much >>stay with us always >>love u kidoo love the family

  24. Nick was an amazing person
    Nick was an amazing person and was fun to be around, everyone will miss you so much please watch over us all.

  25. He was such a good kid , he
    He was such a good kid , he will be dearly extremely missed ! RIP NESPO .

  26. nick you will be never be
    nick you will be never be forgotten. we all love you and miss you and know you are watching over us from above <3

  27. My thoughts and prayers are
    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.


  29. our thoughts and prayers are
    our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, rest in peace

  30. This is such a sad passing,
    This is such a sad passing, so young, so much to look forward to, the community mourns & prays for Nicholas and his family. God Bless you.

  31. We love you Nicholas. keep
    We love you Nicholas. keep watching over us, especially your Mom and Dad

    1. R.I.P

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