New Rochelle Parks Department Says No Toxins in Echo Bay

Written By: Robert Cox

In response to some of the concerns raised here about toxins in Echo Bay we contacted New Rochelle Parks Commission Bill Zimmermann who informed Talk of the Sound that testing of the waters around New Rochelle — done by the Westchester County Health Department — has shown no evidence of toxins in the water samples.

Zimmermann tells TOS:

The City uses the testing services provided and coordinated through our Westchester County Department of Health, the agency who licenses our public swimming areas and those water samples are taken throughout the season several times per week and sent to the testing lab for analysis. Based upon those readings, we will determine whether or not to open public swim areas or deem them unsafe for the general public’s health and safety. Those standards are outlined in the NYS Public Health Code, which we the City follows as required. Depending upon tidal shifts, we usually are dealing with the excess discharge of waste into LI Sound from the adjacent treatment plant and Echo Bay overflow valves which is a natural and temporary sanitary condition. To date, the Health Department has reported no toxins in the water samples.

As the County Health Department happens to be located in New Rochelle, perhaps a concerned reader might be willing to take on the role of becoming our marine environmental report – gathering the results of the County’s testing of water samples and publishing a weekly blog post every Friday (before people use the water on the weekends). Volunteers?

3 thoughts on “New Rochelle Parks Department Says No Toxins in Echo Bay”

  1. The County Health Dept.
    The County Health Dept. should realize that PCB’s are not water soluble. PCB’s bind to the mud. They may be found in a water test if the mud is churned up by boat props, storms or tides. The County would better serve the public if it reported on reliable testing, since there is proof of PCB’s in the mud. By the way the County only tests for bacteria so no toxins will be found in any case.

  2. Here is how I test a
    Here is how I test a swimming area. If it stinks to high hell then I don’t swim. Hello the water often stinks go low tide and get a wiff. Zimm should dig up a few clams and muscles and have at it. Testing water would be good for swimming but if I am looking for PCB’s and other toxins I am diggin in the dirt.
    Otherwise why would GE be forced into dreggin up soil in the upper hudson.
    I think the Commiss is mixing up apple juice and PCB’s.

    1. this is a stupid comment and
      this is a stupid comment and you should be eliminated from this blog. If you dont like the water then buy a car (if you can afford one) and go to Jones Beach!

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