Trinity Elementary Teacher at City Hall? Something is Definitely Being Swept Under the Rug

Written By: Deprecated User

It appears that Mr. Sean Kennedy, a former 4th grade CILA (Children’s International Language Academy) teacher at Trinity Elementary School is currently spending his days at City Hall. Apparently, a replacement for Mr. Kennedy has been hired, officially welcomed to the staff and working in his place.

Our sources could not tell us why Mr. Kennedy is no longer at Trinity other that he did something “inappropriate.” We do not know what “inappropriate” would mean to the fourth grade C.I.L.A. parents whose children were in Mr. Kennedy’s class. We can only speculate that the infraction committed was serious enough to be removed from the school and away from children but not enough to be fired immediately.

It is a fact that the City School District of New Rochelle will often shy away from dismissing unfit staff. Instead, the staff member gets relieved of their duties, sent somewhere else in the district while being kept on the payroll at taxpayers expense. In the real world, people unfit to do their jobs usually get fired. The final outcome is that the taxpayers are paying twice as much for one position in salaries and benefits than they should.

We welcome more information why the City School District of New Rochelle would do this in such tough economic times? We will continue to look into this further.