Noam Bramson Chides City Council Members for “Unhealthy” Dialog with Constituents

Written By: Robert Cox

Noam Bramson likes to talk about being a product of the New Rochelle public school system which makes sense when you consider the Stalinist mentality among school district educrats and Bramson’s rather twisted notions about representative government.

Mayor Noam Bramson, reacting to our reporting on the City’s stimulus funding requests, chided council members last week for expressing their concerns publicly. Bramson does not want City Council members to relate any concerns they might have about how the government is being run “second or third hand through the media or some other avenue”. Our Mayor find this to be “unhealthy” and not the sort of dialog which “ought to exist between individuals and groups that really have to be working in partnership.”

Apologies in advance for the lousy audio.

Mr. Bramson might want to consider that the “other avenue” to which he refers was a meeting of the Confederation of Neighborhood Associations at which roughly 20% of the City was represented. Three members of the City Council where there along with State Rep. George Latimer. Council members Tarantino, Trangucci and St. Paul all got up and spoke. When St. Paul was asked what was happening with the stimulus package he expressed his view that he the council was not sufficiently consulted at which point many of those in attendance peppered him with questions. Talk of the Sound and The Westchester Herald were both covering the meeting and accurately reported the remarks of the City Council members.

So, what is it exactly that Mayor Bramson is complaining about? Is he opposed to local representatives attending community meetings? Is he opposed to representatives answering questions from their constituents? Does he object to repreesntatives expressing their honest opinion? Does he object to the media covering such an event or reporting on such an event?

I, for one, would like Mayor Bramson to be specific about what exactly it is that he is concerned about here because it seems to me that democracy worked here. There was some concern over the way the stimulus request was being handled, those concerns were aired, and those concerns were addressed. The notion that elected representatives should not express their views or advocate on behalf of those they represent because a public employee might take offense strikes me as anti-democratic and un-American.

I do hope Mayor Bramson will elaborate his views further as I think voters have a right to know whether he supports the First Amendment and all all those other little Amendments stuck on at the end of the Constitution or whether they are to be sacrificed for his rather dainty sense of propriety.

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  1. I agree with the person
    I agree with the person saying thank Lou, Al and Rich. If nothing else they are at least asking the questions most of us have. They are the Council representatives for districts 1, 2 and 4 but for those of you who live in 5 and 6 if you agree with what they are saying let them know.

    In most cases these guys take a New Rochelle perspective on the issues. Even though they do not represent my district I do know that they represent me as a citizen of New Rochelle.

    Those that sit on the city council including the mayor are not evil people. And public service for all its rewards is a great burden. This is not an argument along party lines for there are issues that I am sure I will have a different opinion from Lou Al and Rich. This is not a cheer lead for the Republican Party. This is a show of respect for the fact that they are doing what they were elected to do and listen to the people who put them there.

    Governing is not easy and there is no way 75,000 people will all be happy but if these guys should vote for something that I am against at least I know that they did for the right reasons and that the questions have been asked.

    Bruce Negrin

  2. Are you nuts” How can
    Are you nuts” How can dialogue be unhealthy. It isn’t. It’s the very crux of how we resolve things. Stepping on the mayors toes, now that’s metaphorically unhealthy.(for his agenda, that is)

  3. Comrade Bramson is losing
    Comrade Bramson is losing it. When was he appointed the aperatchik of the party. I’ve been out of town and must have missed the revolution. You see, before I left, the city council and mayor all had equal status. Maybe it was the “old days” but I remember when THEY worked for US. So how does he get away with telling OUR council members to not speak up when they have a concern. I can’t speak for you all but, I want and expect my council member to put it out there for me so I can evaluate things for myself. I refuse to accept the mayors comments about about “dialog” being “unhealthy” and “working in partnership” with who, Comrade Mayor? It is YOU who should be working in partnership with us. The 2 sources that reported the unrest felt by 3 council members got it right. This was proven when it was felt that the events causing the unrest had to be explained, in public, at the subsequent council meeting. It was interesting backpedaling but it only served to support the original statements by Mssrs. St Paul, Tarrantino, and Trangucci. Next time anybody sees any or all of these three gentlemen, be sure to shake their hand, buy them a drink or just say thank you for holding true to the very core of a system that claims to be ” of the people, by the people and for the people”. You see Vanya, it’s not WHAT they were speaking about, it’s the idea that you feel they should check with you before they speak. That’s the job of a ‘political officer” not a mayor. Thomas Jefferson said ” Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone”. Should I translate that for you… Vanya?

  4. Usually the State of the
    Usually the State of the City is a huge amount of self pontification and talks of the hard work and greatness for The Queen City on the Sound…..
    This year the Mayor will probably speak of the Economy Sidetracking his efforts and as soon as Obama fixes the Country and our Economy New Rochelle and Noam Bramson will be right back on the case…
    The case of Tax Payers footing the Bill for Developers that is.

  5. It is my hope you can get
    It is my hope you can get some answers from Mayor Bramson because I have not be able to get answers to questions. Everyone would like to know what he is thinking.

  6. Took the video off the
    Took the video off the website. Now that is free speach. transcribe it please and post I think we are all curious top see what was said.

    1. I am not sure what you are
      I am not sure what you are trying to say here but the video is still there. Try refreshing your browser or using a different one.

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