Lunch at Brickyard Bistro

Written By: Robert Cox

image1451700603.jpgJust had lunch at the Brickyard Bistro. If you have not been you really should check it out. It is a sort of lower Manhattan loft meets mediterranean style place on Division Street, tucked among what has to be the nicest little restaurant row in Westchester. If you have not checked out Division Street lately you are in for a nice surprise. There is parking right there in the back of the new Avalon on the Sound building. Cormondel, Posto and a few other neat little places are on the same block.

I had the Monte Cristo sandwich. It was the best I’ve ever tasted. I want to go back for dinner to try the pecan-crusted salmon. The food is excellent, the prices are all very reasonable – especially lunch where an Angus Burger is $7.95 and the Chicken Panini is $8.95.

Perhaps the best thing about Brickyward Bistro is their decision to stay open late during the week and open up on Monday night. There are very few late night destinations in New Rochelle but Brickyard Bistro is one of the few open until 11 PM which makes it the perfect place to go after a 7:30 PM movie at New Roc. I mentioned the other day that however crazy New Roc gets on the weekends, it is the best place in town during the weekdays. My favorite is Thursday nights – movie and a dinner and then home in bed to watch Letterman and Leno – and I will certainly be making Brickyard Bistro a regular stop.

I met Maha, the owner. She brings tremendous energy and passion to downtown New Rochelle She told me her place has been open for about a year and half. They have applied for a permit to open up the back terrace once the weather warms up a bit which sounds great. They’re hoping to get their liquor license by about June so for now its BYOB.

On, and did I mention they do breakfast? As they are about 2 blocks from the train station, which makes it the perfect place to grab breakfast before heading down to Manhattan for work. Anyone who has tried the bagels at the train station knows what I am talking about.

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  1. We waited nearly 15 minutes
    We waited nearly 15 minutes to have our order taken by the waitress who apparently had left the restaurant and went outside. Our food did not arrive until about 25min. after she returned and took our orders. While we were there, several of the workers walked back and forth through the restaurant–even walking through the restaurant at one point with grocery bags from CTown supermarket. Our food, the signature chicken warp sandwich, angus hamburger, and desert crepe, seemed to have been forgotten as it was cold when it finally did arrive. Overall, the quality, presentation, and taste of the food could have used some improvement–although the right ideas seemed to be in place, the execution could be better.

  2. Brickyard Bistro was great,
    Brickyard Bistro was great, but my car got towed after parking in the avalon garage! Park in the garage at your own risk!

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