Sen. Schumer at New Rochelle Train Station to Announce New Metro-North Rider Benefit

Written By: Robert Cox

Standing at the New Rochelle Metro North station, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer, joined by Metro North President Howard Permut, unveiled an expanded federal tax-free benefit that will save mass transit riders potentially more than $1000 every year on commuting costs, and detailed the savings experienced by riders at individual stations. The Schumer authored legislation, passed as part of the economic stimulus package, doubles the federal tax benefit for mass transit costs from $120 per month to $230 per month. Under previous law, employers were able to offer employees a monthly tax-free transit benefit of only $120 to cover mass transit commuting costs, but they were able to offer up to $230 to help cover parking costs for people to drive to work. Now both driver and mass transit users can receive up to $230 tax free to cover their commuting costs. Riders receive the benefit through their employers, but right now only about 1/3 of eligible Westchester commuters participate in the transit program.

Price of a Monthly Pass from New Rochelleto Grand Central: $169

Percent Covered Under Old Benefit: 71%

Percent Covered Under Schumer Plan: 100%

Chuck Schumer in New Rochelle: Priceless