School Board Votes to Push Back “Final” Budget to April 21

Written By: Robert Cox

The City School District of New Rochelle’s Board of Education voted to delay delivery of the “final” budget — due next week — until April 21st. Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak cited a desire to wait to see if more money is forthcoming from Albany and to provide District officials an opportunity to make adjustments to the budget in light of public comment made to the school board over the past few weeks at the so-called “budget workshops”. A parade of New Rochelle residents have come before the board to criticize the district for seeking an increase of over $8 million in the school budget at a time when the rest of the community is experiencing significant financial pain.

It appears that the board has come to realize the depth of voter anger over the large increase in taxes that the district would need to fund the $180 million property tax levy built into the budget.