Foreclosed Homes Turn Out Lights to Help Support School Board in New Rochelle

Written By: Deprecated User

With over 130 homes in foreclosure in New Rochelle maybe Organisciak can go around to turn off their lights thereby saving the owners enough money to save their homes.(Unless ConEd already shut them off permanently) I mean, it’s the magic bullet that’s saving the school budget so it goes to reason it has the potential to save some homes. Have you seen/heard the latest economic report from New Rochelle’s fianace director Mr Ratner? It doesn’t look good. Projections fore revenue are down. Snow budgets are depleted (remember if it snows between say Sept And Dec in 2009 there’s no money in the budget and more of the discetionary money is used further depleting any reserve we may have left) Even Mr Strome has had to install a wage/hiring freeze because news is worse than originally projected. Does this mean anything to anyone? After all of this “news” the board of ed still has the gaul to totally refuse to make any real adjustments to relieve the strain on the citizens and continue to stuff their fat faces with the sweat of the citizenry. The schools are far from stellar, and they say they’re doing good considering the “diversity”(tell me they’re not racist). You see, it doesn’t matter how diverse the kids are, it’s all about How you are serving them. Trinity, Ward, Jefferson are busting at the seams. Isaac Young has police there on a regular basis. Violent and Disruptive Incident Reports (VADIR) are maligned and underreported to skew the States evaluation of the schools. They outright lie to the public by threatning that the only way to get full day kindergarten is to approve the budget when,in fact, the state is funding the startup of the program. Vote no for the budget and we Will still get full day kindergarten. They bribe the constituancy by rushing to pass out computers to 5th graders in April knowing they won’t be able to use them through ther summer. Did they think this through or are they “buying” votes from people suffering in a school with makeshift classrooms that have no heat and recycled food in the cafeteria. And ALL we are asking is to please take a hard line for us THIS year. Next year things will be better and we can spend more. Has anyone else tightened their belts these days? I’ll tell you, it’s enough to make you sick. Polow MUST Go… For the Budget Vote NO
Join me at the meetings. Voice your concern. Please bring 1,2,or 3 people with you. Here’s the dates as posted on the Board of Ed website. I’ll go out on a limb and assume there telling the truth about that at least.
4/21 City Hall time TBA (this is where they’re adopting the budget could that be why they won’t announce the time? call them and ask them I will )
4/28 Special meeting at Webster 7:30
5/5 Board of Ed public hearing on the budget
5/19 elections and budget vote
You can see they have the public hearing without leaving much time for anything else before the voting day. Reminds me of the Clint Eastwood movie line ” you’ll get a real fair trial followed by a right nice hangin'”
Everyone must come out to vote. It’s a civic duty. I’ll be there and if you ask me I’ll say
“Polow must go and for the budget vote no”