Norman Rockwell Prints at the Rock in SoNo

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Elect Casey a painting done by Norman Rockwell, now has a signed print by him on Sale at 591 Main Street, at the Rockwell Habitat Restore….called the Rock, as it is dedicated to the life of Norman Rockwell and local artists…other Norman Rockwell prints are on saleNR elect casey for as low as 15 dollars framed. 


Also one can see a larger, signed Norman Rockwell print, called "Elect Casey".  This picture shows a defeated politician, Casey, who has lost his bid and visibly shows defeat….not the first politician to experience such a feeling.  It is now on sale for a starting bid of $2100 dollars, due to its historic value. 


Join us for a Rockwellian stroll and Saturday, buy a print, or even a signed print, and help to support SoNo and Habitat’s great cause…stroll where many great restaurants exists, where architecture is a model for America..and where Casey has struck out, but Rockwell won the election of being the greatest artists in Americana History!  He lived here 30 years – Rediscover Main Street, SoNoNewRo, New Rochelle!

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2 thoughts on “Norman Rockwell Prints at the Rock in SoNo”

  1. Hey Jim did we get the City
    Hey Jim did we get the City Manger to order a 100,000 study to see if Norman Rockwell was really a local artist and if this pro-business idea of yours is more than just a “Grab Bag of Examples.”
    Without further spending of Tax payer dollars the Majority City Council and Mayor certainly would be unable to support this. Better to throw out a 5 decade tax abatement to Lou Cappelli.

  2. Go get ’em Jim K . This is
    Go get ’em Jim K . This is such a great story of how local,grass root movements can have profound effects on an area. Visit SoNo – , shop, eat,stroll and say hi to Jim. You’ll be surprised at all there is.

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