BREAKING NEWS: New Rochelle High School on Lockdown

Written By: Robert Cox

At 10:46 AM, New Rochelle High School officials have placed the school on “lockdown”…students and staff are confined to their classrooms. No one may leave or enter the building….developing…

At 10:51, school officials announced the lockdown was an emergency preparedness drill.

While it is nice that the school runs these drills, readers will recall that a few months ago the high school FAILED to go into lockdown when they had an actual incident – a student, on the loose in the building with a knife, a student who had already stabbed one student and was unaccounted for immediately after the incident. In that case, the police were called to the scene, an arrest was made and the injured student was taken to Sound Shore Medical Center for treatment.

UPDATE: the school ran a lockdown drill because earlier in the week there was an incident near the school and the school went on an actual lockout. Lockout is when all the doors are locked and no one is allowed in the building. Lockdown is when the students barricade the door, close the shades, turn out the lights and hide in the back of the classroom. Lockout and Lockdown are typically implemented at the same time so it is not clear why the school had an actual lockout one day and a test lockdown the next.

The incident that caused the lockout was a report of a man with no shirt, covered in blood, running across the Hutchinson River Parkway into the Nature Study Woods between the Hutch and Webster Avenue in the vicinity of New Rochelle High School. New Rochelle, Pelham and Westchester County Police blocked off the area and searched the woods but no one was found. Students have reported that there is a man living in the woods but these reports have not been confirmed and it is not clear that these two things are related.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: New Rochelle High School on Lockdown”

  1. Later? I am not sure why
    Later? I am not sure why you imagine it matters WHEN the student informed the school that he had been stabbed. The question is what did the school do once it was aware a student had been stabbed.

    At some point after the stabbing, the student reported to the school nurse. An ambulance and the police were called. At the time of the call there whereabouts of the student were unknown. At no point did the school go into lockdown mode. The purpose of lockdown mode is to deal with exactly this sort of situation and yet the school was not put on lockdown.

    If the school is not going to invoke its lockdown procedure when a student who has already stabbed one student is in the building with an edge weapon I do not know why they even have a lockdown procedure.

  2. The stabed student did not
    The stabed student did not know he was stabed until later. Get it right.

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